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William Newton is a Senior Reporter for Clinical Trials Arena and Pharmaceutical Technology, focusing on clinical trial design, healthcare business and regulation, and new technologies. Now based in New York City, he previously covered diabetes drug development at Close Concerns’ industry-facing publication in San Francisco. William holds a BA in Economics from Williams College.

William Newton


Friedreich’s ataxia: major trial readouts and regulatory events to watch in 2023

The FDA could approve the first treatment for Friedreich’s ataxia, and at least three other major trials have readouts expected by year end.

Running low on comparators: navigating drug shortages in oncology clinical trials

With a slew of shortages for oncology comparators unlikely to subside, sponsors must plan ahead to keep their clinical development programs running smoothly.

Blockchain in clinical trial supply chains: more hype than heft?

Blockchain has been billed as a transformative technology that could improve drug traceability in clinical trial supply chains, but many industry experts are skeptical.

Systemic lupus erythematosus: major drug trials to watch in 2022 and 2023

Four late-stage drug trials for in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) have results expected in 2022 or H1 2023, but lupus disease heterogeneity poses trial design challenges.

Sustainable supply chains: clinical trials in a new era of limited resources

Industry leaders discuss reducing drug waste and building clinical trials with ESG in mind at the Clinical Trial Supply East Coast 2022 conference on October 19–20.

Can federated learning unlock AI in clinical trials without breaching privacy?

Federated learning allows AIs to train on patient data that never leaves local sites, but it’s not immune to the challenges of traditional machine learning in healthcare.

The future of medicine in space: drug development, manufacturing, and beyond

With investment in space rising and humans on the cusp of travelling to Mars, scientists are developing new tools for testing and manufacturing medicines beyond our planet.

X4 Pharma previews Phase III trial plans in rare blood disorder

In an exclusive, X4 Pharma CEO Paula Ragan discusses plans for a Phase III trial of mavorixafor in chronic neutropenia planned for H2 2023.

External control arms: when can historical data substitute for placebos?

External control arms can provide rigorous clinical trial results when placebos are unfeasible. So what’s holding the design back, and can pharma breakthrough?

Olema Oncology previews Phase III trial plans for dual-mechanism SERD in breast cancer

In an exclusive, Olema CEO Sean Bohen discusses plans for two late-stage trials of OP-1250 in ER+, HER2- breast cancer in 2023 and 2024.