Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the US.

Many companies and organisations are continuing their research in finding, preventing and curing depression, which includes depression ‘screening day’ in the US in October, just passed.

With that in mind, an analysis of the current clinical trial space for depression can be completed in the Clinical Trials Database of GlobalData’s Pharma Intelligence Center. In this article, a small number of Phase 0, Phase I/II, Phase II/III, and Phase III/IV trials were combined with Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV trials, respectively.


Looking at depression clinical trials in the database with a start date from 2015 to present, 2018 had the most clinical trials, as seen in Figure 1. Additionally, 2019 is projected to have the second most, followed by 2015, 2017, and 2016. When looking at the clinical trials by phase, 2018 had the most Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III clinical trials. Phase IV had the most in 2017 (Figure 2).

Lastly, the breakdown of depression clinical trials by status shows that 2018 has the most ongoing clinical trials, which include ongoing, not recruiting; ongoing, recruiting; and ongoing, recruiting by invitation. Currently, 2019 has the most planned trials while 2015 had the most completed and suspended, terminated, and withdrawn (S/T/W) (Figure 3).

One thing to note is the numbers of S/T/W clinical trials continue to decrease each year since 2015. This shows that companies are doing what they can to continue clinical trials for mental disorders such as depression.

Figure 3: Depression Clinical Trials by Year and Status