“Professional Certification in Translational Medicine (PCTM) program is offered by the Academy of Translational Medicine Professionals (ATMP). PCTM is accredited by the European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM). After certification approval, successful individuals may use the title (PCTM). Certification is valid for two years from date of certification approval. Certification renewal application can be made after two years.

Certification Benefits:

1) Increased Job Opportunities
Professional certification will increase your job opportunities and accelerate your promotions by highlighting you from other colleagues and pool of other candidates.

2) Stay-Up-To-Date
Professional certification will ensure translational medicine knowledge and skills are up to date.

3) Show Your Competency
Professional certification will show your competency to conduct and manage translational research studies.

4) Demonstrate Your Commitment
Professional certification demonstrates your commitment to the advancement of clinical research.

PCTM Qualifying Examination:
In order to receive PCTM title, applicants must pass the qualifying exam (MCQs type) held on 4th September, 2015 (Half an hour duration).

Qualifying Examination will cover following topics:

TM General Concepts & Global Situation, Biomarkers Clinical Trials, Data Management, Disease Modelling, Omics Sciences, and Community & Preventive Medicine.

PCTM Exam preparation:
Upon registration, recommended reading literature list will be provided to the applicants.

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