ProofPilot is a New York based software company that provides clinical trial automation for drug development. The company is a Category Award winner for Business Expansion and Innovation in the 2023 Clinical Trials Arena Excellence Awards.

The company is recognized for Innovation in this year’s Awards due to the success of its automation platform, which provides an integrated, step-by-step digital workflow for sites and patients, ensuring each clinical procedure, patient task, educational/training content, and 3rd party technology is served up in real time.

As well as the obvious efficiencies of digitalizing protocols, the platform affords additional benefits, including improving and delivering on diversity targets and organizing site technology.

In one client example the company states that a pharmaceutical giant cut its clinical trial costs related to a neuroscience study by 67% through use of the platform, including achieving a dropout rate of less than 5%, and achieving 90% of its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

ProofPilot platform site Knowledgebase and Resources mobile view
ProofPilot platform site Knowledgebase and Resources mobile view

ProofPilot also continues to evolve its offering through new partnerships, bringing new functionality to its customer base. These collaborations are further evidence of innovation, but also demonstrate how the company is expanding its business model.

ProofPilot has successfully integrated with a variety of partners including patient payment providers, 3rd party eclinical technologies, UberHealth, EMR transfer APIs, patient recruitment providers, retail pharmacies, and pharma research logistics partners and wearable sensor manufacturers.

ProofPilot platform patient Quick Links and Resources mobile view
ProofPilot platform patient Quick Links and Resources mobile view

Most notably, ProofPilot issued a press release promoting their recent licensing partnership with Eli Lilly and Company, describing the recent integration of Lilly’s cutting edge sensor cloud, Magnol.AI into their clinical trial automation platform. Digital health researchers now have a turnkey stack of technology that can power their wearable sensor research, right sized for digital health, but comprehensive enough to orchestrate entire trial conduct activities.

Finally, ProofPilot’s integration with leading patient recruitment firms have shown a 356% increase in referral conversions at sites using ProofPilot Calendar Sync versus site who relied on phone tag to connect with referrals interested in participating. You can read the white paper here.

Company Profile

ProofPilot supports clinical trials with the industry’s first fully automated digital protocol platform. The platform orchestrates stakeholder tasks and optimizes clinical workflows, improving stakeholder experiences and data quality.

The elimination of guesswork and research protocol deviations creates high-performance experiences for sites and patients. Founded in 2014, ProofPilot was one of the first global digital clinical trial solutions allowing virtual, hybrid, and in-person research offerings with its patient and site Co-Pilot packages.

To learn more, visit ProofPilot’s website.

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