EPS International

EPS International

10:55, August 1 2017

By EPS International

EPS International (EPSI) is the global arm of the EPS Group which prides itself on being the largest CRO in Japan and amongst the top five in Asia.

Making it the ideal partner for companies wishing to establish or extend its operations in this fastest growing region of the worldwide Pharmaceutical market.

In order to provide a full range of services, EPSI offers its clients the addition of a strong and highly reputable SMO (Site Management Organization) - ensuring recruitment timetables are met and even exceeded -, as well as a strong CSO (Contract Sales Organization), helping its clients on all aspects of post-approval Commercialization (Partner Introduction, Late Phase and PMS work, Dispatch and/or Management of Sales Teams, Market Analysis and Product Positioning).

Contact Information:
: info@epsi-global.com
Phone: +65 6294 1678
Website: www.epsi-global.com