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Designing a playbook for combination and digital health trials

Ahead of the OCT Southern California event, AbbVie’s James Wabby discusses playbooks for combination and digital health trials.

AI in healthcare: key highlights in 2021

As AI and machine learning continues to evolve, we look at how it has impacted healthcare in 2021.

Global warning: pharma’s role in the climate crisis

With COP26 imminent, what lessons can the pharma sector learn about its environmental impact and its response to climate change?

Waning Covid-19 vaccine efficacy: what does the data show?

While Covid-19 vaccines’ protection does appear to wane, most experts agree that universal booster rollouts aren’t needed yet.

Video: how smart, integrated tech platforms can streamline complex cancer studies

Axiom executives discuss how integrated platforms can help address the operational challenges of clinical trials in oncology.

The accelerating use of virtual trials – have your say in our survey

Have your say in GlobalData’s survey on the state of decentralised and virtual clinical trials during Covid-19 and beyond.

Covid-19: lessons learned across the life sciences

After more than a year since the emergence of Covid-19, the global road to recovery will be a long and challenging one. What are the key lessons that life sciences companies can take away from the world’s pandemic year?

A case for streamlined RFIs in the pharmaceutical industry

External suppliers are used extensively throughout the pharma industry, but how can new client-supplier relationships be managed and defined most effectively? Pfizer’s senior director for drug product supply external strategy Francis Dumont makes the case for streamlining the RFI process.

Virtual trials: welcome to the present

With Covid-19 delivering a great big slap in the face to ongoing and planned studies, the future of clinical trials as virtual has rapidly become the very urgent present.

The impact of Covid-19 on the global clinical supply chain

It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on economies and industries worldwide, but within the pharmaceutical space, Covid-19 has completely re-shaped the clinical supply chain. Amy Malkani explores the key issues.