As clinical trials in oncology try to incorporate technology more efficiently in their day-to-day operations, its uniform implementation across study sites continues to be a challenge. Clinical sites use disparate methods of record-keeping and allowing those to use one cohesive method is critical but demanding.

In a recent discussion on this topic, Axiom Real-Time Metrics’ director of project management Quinn Zarubick emphasised the need to collaborate early with key opinion leaders at clinical sites to understand the feasibility of implementing a unified platform. In a discussion at Arena International’s Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials 2021 virtual conference held in June, Zarubick said this would allow the study to take a per-site approach, but at the same time make it as streamlined as possible.

The main advantage with using a unified platform is to avoid the need for reconciliation at the end of the study, said Axiom’s associate director for RTSM/IWRS Heather DiFruscia. If everything is completed in real-time, that sets the study up for success and the sites for a clean close-out, she added.

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