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The Important Role that Biopharmaceutics Plays in Accelerating Early-Phase Drug Development

What is biopharmaceutics and how does it fit into the field of pharmaceutical drug development? asks Dr. Vanessa Zann, Senior Drug Development Consultant at Quotient Sciences.

Strategies for Streamlining Small Molecule Formulation Development When Bridging from Candidate Selection to First-in-Human Clinical Testing

Small molecules continue to dominate over biologics in new pharmaceutical product launches, comprising 33 of the 50 approvals by the US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research in 2021, writes Stephen Byard, Principal Research Fellow, Science & Technology, Candidate Development at Quotient Sciences.

Synthesis-to-Clinic®: integrating isotopic labeling and human ADME to reduce time to clinic

How integrating isotopic labeling and human absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) studies has helped reduce the time it takes to get drugs to market.

Five Trends in Contract Drug Manufacturing Organisations

The trend toward outsourcing pharmaceutical development and manufacturing has accelerated during the Covid pandemic as pharma companies – globally – seek to streamline their own facilities, focus on core competencies and avoid product delays inherent in decentralized international manufacturing.

Moving off the critical path: Streamlining strategies for drug substance synthesis and manufacturing

Each molecule has unique requirements and challenges, and a variety of solutions for drug substance synthesis and manufacturing are available, so it is important to have a keen understanding of the strategies that can help streamline these processes