To understand how the Nymi Connected Worker Platform unifies modern businesses, we need to delve into the constituent technologies that are blended together to provide end-to-end secure and contactless functionality for a company’s workforce.

There are five core functions in the platform. 


An employee’s Nymi Band™ is activated by two pieces of data; a fingerprint scan and an ECG profile, both of which are processed securely in a Privacy by Design framework. On-Body Detection and presence-aware connectivity are delivered through secure NFC and BLE, which empowers employees with contactless, intent-based actions that are intuitive and easy. 

Blended into a wearable

The rugged design of the Nymi Band™ allows it to be worn anywhere to deliver increased security, compliance, data integrity, and productivity. With IP66 and IP67 Ingress Ratings, polycarbonate TPU straps, and a battery that can extend usage to more than three days, it is an industrial-strength wearable purpose-built for even the most regulated work environments.

Zero Trust security framework

Employees wear their Nymi Band™ on their wrists and can authenticate as little as once per shift for all-day work. It provides a hands-free, passwordless and private link to their work processes and remains active through On-Body Detection sensors. This also provides continuous secure authentication that the person wearing a Nymi Band is the intended user. Employers can further segment users based on task, by employing the comprehensive security controls in the Nymi Connected Worker Platform.

Privacy by Design framework

This is the bedrock of Nymi’s Connected Worker Platform. Its basic tenet is that an employee, in order to use and benefit from technology, should not have to sacrifice their privacy. Control measures for data privacy are foundational in the design of the platform, and Nymi minimises the personal data that is processed and retained. It adheres to the principles of Privacy by Design as a framework on how to process biometric data, minimize storage, and comply with GDPR and other international laws.

Go passwordless and handsfree

The Nymi Band™ is activated by biometrics. No need to enter credentials, such as a username/password or to touch communal surfaces for access. Once a user has authenticated, they can use their Nymi Band for contactless taps across different systems and applications that their employer has integrated with the Nymi Connected Worker Platform. Thus, also keeping their hands free to do other work.

Presence-aware functionality

Go contactless

The employee simply taps the Nymi Band™ for contactless access to enterprise IT systems and services through secure NFC and BLE. It is also an all-purpose ‘key’ to gain entry to doors, lifts, parking areas and any other physical building locations.

Smart social distancing alerts

A topical function of the band is its ability to be a part of social distancing policies and their implementation by sensing the proximity of other Nymi Bands. Real-time alerts can be relayed to the employee through messaging (vibration and visual displays) to their band. This functionality can be turned on or off as needed.

Nymi Lock ControlTM/Presence-enabled processes

Presence-enabled applications simultaneously allow for stronger security, efficiency, and an easier user experience. One prime example is Nymi Lock ControlTM, which logs users out of their terminals when they walk away. This same principle can be applied to creating other presence-enabled processes.


Being able to determine activity plays a functional role in many workplace use cases. For the employee, it could be something as simple as a step counter for wellness. In certain environments, it could be critical to quality and compliance, for example, in pharmaceutical manufacturing settings where particulates cannot be disturbed when transferred. In such an instance, the Nymi Band could detect the speed at which a worker was moving and deliver haptic buzz alerts to slow down when beginning to move too quickly.


Leveraging physiological markers can provide powerful health and safety applications that also increase employee wellbeing in the workplace. Features such as temperature sensing and heart rate monitoring can become vital for certain use cases, such as health checks during a pandemic or in critical manufacturing environments.

Two-way Communication

Lastly, communication to the Nymi Band (e.g., haptic and display alerts) is important for use cases that require a responsive alert to employees.  

Whether it be in highly regulated environments of pharmaceutical manufacturing, or other critical sectors, such as healthcare, financial services, transportation, and more, the Nymi Connected Worker Platform is built with the five core functions necessary to deliver an endless number of use cases for the digitally connected workforce. Monumentally, it is a way for organizations to expand the scope of their digital transformation efforts to bring their employees into the Internet of Everything.

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