Clinical trial feasibility study services help pharmaceutical and biotech companies determine the potential for success of the proposed drug and healthcare products by identifying the estimated costs and revenues, potential obstacles, competitors, and market information.

By undertaking a feasibility study, clinical trial companies can minimise the issues associated with wrong assumptions and misinterpretations in research or trials. It also helps them to identify and understand region-specific/site-specific practices and capabilities that could impact the clinical trial performance metrics.

Factors such as increased complexity of modern trial designs, narrow genetic eligibility criteria, advanced technology, expensive treatments, and sophisticated analytical methods are fuelling the growth and need for feasibility study companies in clinical research.

Discover the top clinical trial feasibility study services in clinical research

Clinical Trials Arena has listed some of the leading feasibility study companies in clinical research based on its intel, insights, and decades-long experience in the sector.

The list includes companies that provide various services including, but not limited to, study design and protocol review, building feasibility plans based on medical guidance, initial deployment, site follow-up, and closure of survey.

The list also includes providers of internal and external examination of databases, support services in incidence and prevalence data, competitive landscape analysis, questionnaire development testing, compilation of targeted investigators, and feasibility analysis, such as compilation of results, interpretation of data, and generation of reports.

The information contained in the download document is intended for investigators, researchers, study coordinators, regulatory coordinators, site principal investigators, associate investigators, biostatisticians, data managers, data analysts, data associates, study physicians, research pharmacists, and other individuals involved in feasibility studies in clinical research.

The document contains detailed information on the suppliers and their services offerings, alongside contact details to aid your hiring decision.

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Benefits of clinical trial feasibility study consulting services in clinical research

The multifaceted approach of feasibility study consulting services benefits pharma and biotech companies in several ways, such as finding whether the disease study is relevant to the patient population, checking whether the current form of study design, comparators, and patients’ visits are acceptable, assessing the anticipated ethical and regulatory challenges, working on timelines for study approval and start-up, and analysing the overall dedication of potential associates, such as contract research organisations (CROs) and sites towards completion of the project.