Pharmacovigilance is an integral part of clinical research, which helps in attaining reliable information for the effective evaluation of the risk-benefit profile of drugs to ensure safe usage by patients.

Pharmacovigilance companies engage in the monitoring of essential activities in each stage of clinical research ranging from clinical trial setup, execution, and follow-up to final study activities such as data analysis, report preparation, and approval and registration.

Drug safety and pharmacovigilance demands are gradually growing with the increasing consumption of drugs and the rising requirement for regular drug monitoring.

Discover the leading pharmacovigilance companies in clinical research

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The pharmacovigilance companies in the list offer diverse services to support protocol development, site feasibility and selection, quality and process management, and regulatory strategy and compliance.

The services offered by the companies include, but are not limited to, safety management plan development, clinical trial vigilance, clinical pharmacovigilance auditing, processing and submission of individual case safety reports, medical monitoring, safety report generation and reporting, pharmacovigilance platforms, pharmacovigilance consulting, and several other solutions and products.

The information contained within the download document is designed for clinical research coordinators, pharmacovigilance executives and officers, research scientists, clinical research associates, medical advisers, medical reviewers, clinical investigators, drug safety associates, regulatory solutions consultants, and any other individual involved in clinical pharmacovigilance.

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Role of pharmacovigilance in clinical research

Pharmacovigilance in clinical research allows the assessment and update of the potential risks of pharmaceutical medications, for which several approaches such as drug registries, and spontaneous reporting systems may be adopted.

Pharmacovigilance analysis conducted through the stages of clinical trials provides drug safety profile data to pharmaceutical companies, which can be used for either further research and development or regulatory submissions. The actual risk-benefit ratio of a drug is carefully monitored, improved, and updated accordingly during its entire lifecycle.