In emerging markets; which include Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Korea (BRICS), India and China had the highest number of clinical trials by count. The top indication in both countries is pain, so clinical trial benchmarking for industry sponsored trials was performed using the Feasibility Planner tool on GlobalData’s Pharma Intelligence Center.

The findings

In India and China, the projected treatment periods for pain trials are quite small due to the indication. The longest projected trial duration in India is in Phase II at 8.1 months, as shown in Figure 1. The longest enrollment period in India is 5.8 months in both Phase II and Phase IV. Phase I has the shortest enrollment period at 0.8 months, and a total trial duration of one month.

The likelihood of completion for the benchmarked trials in India was the highest in Phase IV at 100%, followed by 96.36% in Phase I, 94.92% in Phase II, and 89.66% in Phase III. Only Phase II had a chance of suspension at 1.67%. 

By contrast, the projected timelines in industry sponsored pain trials in China increase steadily by phase (Figure 2).

When compared to pain trials in India, the Phase I and II enrollment period and trial duration is similar, but Phase III and IV enrollment period and trial duration are much longer in China. The enrollment period in Phase III is nearly three times longer in China than in India, while the enrollment period in Phase IV is nearly four times longer in China than India.

The likelihood of completion in China for the benchmarked trials was 100% over all four phases, and only Phase I had a 2.35% chance of suspension.