With turmoil still surrounding Russia and Ukraine, the impact on the pharmaceutical industry in both countries is ongoing. GlobalData has continued to track clinical trial disruptions since the Russian invasion began, on 24 February 2022.

According to GlobalData’s clinical trials database, 11 trials had been disrupted by 19 May 2022. A further 26 have been affected since then, making the total number of disruptions 37. 30 of these are in Phase III, 6 are in Phase II and one is in Phase IV.

One study disrupted in 2023 is by Takeda, investigating Vedolizumab in paediatric participants with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. This is one of four Takeda trials affected. According to the sponsor, the trial was disrupted due to the suspension of all new investments, advertising and promotion, and by the decision not to initiate new clinical trials due to the conflict.

Late-phase trials are still being impacted the most due to enrolment issues. The invasion and economic turmoil may lead sponsors to choose other European nations to conduct studies. This will have a further impact on Russia’s standing in the pharmaceutical industry.