GlobalData found that Oncology was the largest therapy area for clinical trials in China. Infectious Disease was the second largest area, followed by Cardiovascular, Metabolic Disorders, and Central Nervous System.

However, when enrollment rates were compared between these top five therapeutics areas, Oncology actually had the slowest overall rate at 3.7 subjects/site/month. Infectious Disease had the highest enrollment rate overall at 30.4, as well as the highest Phase I and Phase III enrollment rate out of any of the top five therapeutic areas (Figure 1).

The enrollment rate was consistently highest in Phase I trials across all five indications, which is unsurprising given the fact that these trials have the lowest number of subjects to recruit. Additionally, Phase I trials often use healthy subjects, who are more readily available. Oncology trials often require an invasive procedure like a biopsy in order to determine eligibility, and individuals may be reluctant to go through that procedure if there is no guarantee they will be included in the study. Another issue that may account for the low enrollment rate may be intense competition for patients due to the high number of Oncology trials in China.

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