Figure 1: status of IO clinical trials initiated during 2008–2017.

GlobalData has reviewed the status of global clinical trials in the immuno-oncology (IO) space that were initiated between 2008 and 2017. Over the 10-year period, 41% of trials were recruiting; 12% were not recruiting; 6% were planned; and 12% were suspended, terminated, or withdrawn (S/T/W), as shown in Figure 1.

Overall, 28% of trials were completed. This is complementary to the considerable growth that Immuno-Oncology trials have featured in recent years.

Additionally, in the majority of cases, the percentage of completed trials suggests that people should be cautious of making inferences about the efficacy of many interventions across various indications and therapy areas, as the majority of trials are still ongoing.

Among those completed trials, 68% reported results. Primary endpoints were achieved in 82% of these trials, not achieved in 10% of trials, inconclusive in 4% of trials, and partially achieved in 4% of trials.