Our service provision is focused on developing, validating and running assays to support the quantitative analysis of samples from the pre-clinical and clinical phases of your drug development projects to support exposure or pharmacokinetic endpoints.

Alderley Analytical is a GLP and GCP compliant facility. We are a member of the MHRA UK GLP compliance monitoring program and therefore we have the capability to perform both regulated and non-regulated bioanalysis. We also comply with the European Medicines Agency reflection paper for laboratories that perform the analysis or evaluation of clinical trial samples.

The lab is equipped with state of the art Mass Spectrometers, including the Waters Xevo TQ-S, Sciex 6500+ and Thermo Q-exactive Focus HRMS instruments. We also have the capability to validate and run ELISA assays.

The team at Alderley Analytical have a wealth of experience from working in large Pharma companies and CRO’s, with the co-founders alone having over 100 years of experience between them, ensuring that we deliver the right science, on-time to meet your budget.

Phone: 01625 238610