Almac Clinical Technologies has announced the expedited deployment and support of multiple Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solutions in support of Covid-19 therapies.

Several clinical trial sponsors have recently entrusted Almac in order to support expedited pathways to emergency clinical trials designed to investigate the efficacy of investigational medicinal products and commercially pre-approved medicinal products to reduce the impact of the novel Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

The result of these collaborations materialised in the form of fully-functioning IRT systems used for patient randomisation and clinical trial material management which were designed, validated, and deployed in under just seven days.

As part of Almac’s ongoing commitment to innovation and providing a better IRT experience for clinical trial operations, a novel, the expedited process was utilised to reduce the time requirements and input needed from trial sponsors – thereby ensuring the focus could remain on optimising patient outcomes.

In one instance, as a result of a concerted effort by the Almac Clinical Technologies’ teams of experts, a fully functioning IRT system was delivered one day earlier than initially planned thereby ensuring a sponsor’s urgent Covid-19 trial could proceed immediately.

Valarie Higgins, President and Managing Director, Almac Clinical Technologies commented: “In times such as these, Almac’s mission to Advance Human Health has never been more applicable. We stand committed in global solidarity – to do our part in reducing the burden and barriers involved in solving global challenges such as Covid-19 through clinical research.

She continued: “We hope that our singular focus on the rapid delivery and support of Interactive Response Technology used in clinical trials will prove to be a catalyst in advancing the research and data acquisition efforts that are urgently needed. I wish to thank our dedicated and passionate team who voluntarily worked tirelessly day and night to deliver this vital project and we stand ready and committed to supporting our biopharmaceutical partners through any means necessary.”

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