Almac Clinical Technologies, part of the Almac Group, today announced the availability of Simplify™, a next-generation Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solution that comes standard with an array of configurable functionality designed to accelerate the study start-up process with greater efficiency.

Simplify™ was designed for trial sponsors and CROs who need to quickly and efficiently stand up critical eClinical infrastructure with minimal effort or oversight. The new IRT solution offers a no-hassle, straightforward approach for deploying industry-leading IRT capabilities in half the time of traditional solutions.

In order to provide faster implementation time with the same level of high quality that Almac is known for, an extensive analysis of over 3,000 clinical trials that were previously supported with Almac IRT solutions was conducted for the purpose of identifying and standardising the most commonly requested and critical IRT functions. As a result, Simplify™ offers trial sponsors and CROs a streamlined and consolidated deployment schedule that eliminates traditional bottlenecks typically associated with requirements gathering, customisation specifications and prolonged periods of User Acceptance Testing.

Simplify™ is powered by state-of-the-art Almac IXRS® 3 technology that is known for high performance and reliability. The solution also provides users with the experience and usability expected from a premium brand, yet at a significantly reduced cost.

“Simplify™ sets itself apart from other IRT alternatives by offering the flexibility to scale the scope of your solution to at any time. Explains Valarie Higgins, President & Managing Director of Almac Clinical Technologies. “This means that unplanned, or unexpected, protocol changes that require custom solutions can be swiftly implemented without requiring a major redesign, and are guided by our expert team of biostatistical, integration, design and support consultants. We’re very proud of our longstanding reputation for developing novel solutions in direct response to the pain points we have observed in the industry.”

In the current environment where time is of the essence, Simplify™ has already demonstrated success through a recent collaboration with a top-10 multinational pharmaceutical company that needed to deploy an expedited clinical trial in support of Covid-19. As announced in April, together with Simplify™ and Almac Clinical Technologies, the trial sponsor was able to progress from award of the contract to patient enrolment in just seven days.

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