Takeda is a biopharmaceutical company that carries out the research, development, production, and global commercialisation of pharmaceutical products. Its major business areas include gastroenterology (GI), rare diseases, plasma-derived therapies (PDT), oncology, and neurological disorders. Innovative biopharma is the largest component of Takeda’s R&D, and the company has produced new molecular entities (NMEs) that constitute potential medicines in areas with hitherto unmet medical needs. It manufactures medicines on four platforms, namely, biologics, gene, plasma, and cell. Some of its major products include Entyvio, Alofisel, Takhzyro, Livtencity, Gammagard Liquid/Kiovig, Hyqvia, Cuvitru, Albumin/Flexbumin, Alunbrig, and Exkivity. The company also pursues growth opportunities in digital health companies through Takeda Digital Ventures.