Pepscan Presto offers a wide range of peptide research tools in a fee-for-service model and, moreover, participates in risk-sharing collaborations. The company is privately owned and is a subsidiary of Pepscan Holding. Pepscan Presto is based in Lelystad, the Netherlands, was incorporated in 1999 and consists of 45 employees.

Custom peptide synthesis

Custom peptide synthesis is one of Pepscan Presto’s core services. Peptides can be produced from microgram to gram scale and high throughput techniques are used based on resin-based FMOC chemistry, giving the highest quality and speed of production. Unnatural peptide incorporation, labelling of every type available and LC / MS quality control are common practice.

Identification of protein-protein interaction sites

In addition, Pepscan Presto is the worldwide leader in the identification of protein-protein interaction sites (epitopes) to the level of individual amino acids. Conventional technologies using overlapping linear peptides can only reveal linear epitopes. Pepscan Presto has proven itself to be able to identify all interaction sites, irrespective of their complexity (conformational and/or discontinuous).

Monoclonal antibody and (patient) sera epitope mapping

Pepscan Presto has a unique track record of having mapped the epitopes of hundreds of monoclonal antibodies and (patient) sera. Furthermore, Pepscan Presto has successfully mapped ligand-binding sites on GPCRs and other complex receptors.

Key elements of the technology:

  1. The ability to build large combinatorial peptide diversity libraries (100,000+ peptides)
  2. The CLIPS™ protein mimicry technology to present peptides in spatially defined structures (loops, sheets and helices)

Design, manufacture and screening of peptide-based compounds

Based on the input from our clients we design, manufacture and screen a custom set of peptide-based compounds that can mimic a protein interaction site. The number of compounds can range from hundreds up to tens of thousands.

The resulting data are interpreted and communicated to the client in a comprehensive report. The reports can be used for understanding mechanisms of action, IP / patent filing, regulatory dossiers and benchmarking.

Immunogens for monoclonals and therapeutic vaccines

Pepscan has proprietary technologies for the design, manufacture and use of large combinatorial arrays of peptides, peptide constructs, peptidomimetics and peptide derivatives. These proven technologies provide an elegant and effective way to produce superior immunogens for monoclonals and therapeutic vaccines. Its unique technologies generate antibodies where other approaches fail. Pepscan Therapeutics uses these therapeutic approaches for its pipeline.