Yorkshire Bioscience, a primary manufacturer of reagents and consumables for molecular and cell biology, provides a comprehensive range of customer research services and takes part in international research and drug development projects. Our flexibility with project budgeting means that we are dedicated to satisfying our customers’ requirements and demands without compromising on the quality of products and services to be delivered.

We are open to research and business co-operation with other organisations in either developing new products and services or expanding existing product lines into new markets.

Molecular and cell biology manufacturing services

Our manufacturing capabilities cover a broad spectrum within the field of molecular and cell biology. In addition to DNA and RNA polymerases, dNTPs and labelled nucleotides, we can manufacture DNA and RNA from a number of blood cell fractions or human tissues, DNA from healthy and diseased donors for genetic markers search and population studies, and recombinant proteins and antibodies for research and diagnostics.

We cover DNA and RNA standards and internal amplification controls, and we also manufacture a range of consumables and miscellaneous reagents for molecular and cell biology and immunology.

Customer research services for DNA, RNA, peptides, antibodies and proteins

Our customer research services include:

  • Synthesis of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides, and labelled DNA probes
  • cDNA libraries, their amplification and normalisation
  • Developing of RNA and DNA internal amplification controls
  • Synthesis of DNA and gene cloning
  • Gene expression in Ecoli, CHO, yeasts and protein purification
  • Gene knockout in Pseudomonas, Ecoli and other bacteria
  • Site-directed and random mutagenesis
  • Synthesis of peptides and their conjugation to carrier proteins
  • ‘DNA to antibodies’ projects
  • Raising polyclonal antibodies in a variety of hosts
  • Developing hybridomas for production of monoclonal antibodies
  • Purification and labelling of antibodies
  • Antibodies characterisation and validation with western blot, immunohystochemistry, flow cytometry and ChIP
  • Bulk manufacturing of synthetic or native DNA, RNA or proteins
  • Glycosylation and PEGylation of proteins
  • Design and manufacturing of kits for research and diagnostics utilising ELISA, qPCR and other analytical platforms
  • Protein crystallisation projects, solving structure
  • Heterologous gene expression in mammalian cells, and protein purification to serve as target for design of affinity peptide ligands
  • Peptides phage display works, and biopanning

DNA and RNA polymerase development and peptide ligand targeting

Our research activities include developing new DNA and RNA polymerases, and targeting peptide ligands for coupling to nanoparticles used in drug delivery.

About Yorkshire Bioscience

Yorkshire Bioscience is capable of designing, running and successfully completing projects of any degree of complexity by employing cutting-edge technologies.

Our members of staff have at least eight years’ experience in academia and industry. 50% of them have a PhD degree. Our project leaders are also qualified in business administration.

Yorkshire Bioscience is a private entity with research customer services and manufacturing capabilities and facilities based in York, the UK, and Prague, the Czech Republic.