Accuprec Research Labs Pvt Ltd provides testing services for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, phytochemicals, food products, herbal formulations, and medical devices. The company provides services such as analytical testing, biotechnological services, microbiological services, bio-compatibility studies of medical devices, preclinical and toxicological services, phytochemical services, food testing services, formulation and development services, dyes and pigment testing services, herbal formulation development, stability testing services, clinical services, regulatory dossier preparation, and intellectual property (IP) management services. Analytical services include analytical testing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) characterization and analysis, and impurity isolation and characterization. Biotechnological services consist of cell-line study for new molecules, qualitative and quantitative testing of nuclease, and testing of host cell deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Through its microbiological services, the company carries out bio-burden testing, sterility testing, and pathogen identification. Phytochemical services include the determination of heavy metals and microbial contamination, validation of Ayurvedic medicine, and development of herbal formulations.

Food testing services help clients analyse residual pesticides, drugs, and banned colourants in food products, carry out proximate analysis and nutritional labelling of food products, and estimate the shelf-life of packed food. Accuprec conducts research and development on a polyherbal formulation for the treatment of chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, dengue, chikungunya, and osteoarthritis, and metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity.