Vimta Labs Ltd is a contract research and testing company that provides services to pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food, consumer goods, electronic, electrical, agrochemical, healthcare, and medical device industries. The company’s services include drug discovery, development, and drug life cycle management support services in the areas of preclinical research comprising good laboratory practice (GLP) and non-GLP, clinical research, central lab, and current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs). The company also provides non-GMP analytical services; preclinical research and testing services for medical device companies; contract research and testing for agro-science companies; food testing and analytical development services to support manufacturers, processors, farmers, retailers, traders, exporters, and regulators; clinical diagnostics services for patients, clinicians, and hospitals; environmental regulatory services such as impact assessments and post-project monitoring; and electromagnetic interference (EMI)/electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing for electronic and electrical products.

The company offers quality (purity and nutrition analysis) and safety testing expertise in all food, water, and beverage categories, including speciality services such as genetically modified organisms (GMO) testing, dioxins and furans, trace heavy metals, label claims, radioactive isotopes, vitamins and minerals, packaging, and stability testing. Vimta Labs provides patient care services through test panels in haematology, serology, cytogenetics, microbiology, molecular biology, histopathology/cytopathology, and biochemistry.