CMIC Holdings Co Ltd is a clinical contract research organization (CRO) that provides services in drug development, clinical site management, manufacturing, regulatory consulting and contract sales, and marketing solutions. The company operates its business through five segments – Contract Research Organization (CRO), Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), Contract Sales Organization (CSO), Healthcare, and Innovative Pharma Model (IPM). CMIC’s CRO business segment provides pharmaceutical companies services that facilitate drug development. It offers services such as consulting on the development of pharmaceutical products, regenerative medicine, medical equipment and other products, approval applications and sales, and analysis services related to drug quality guarantees and pharmacokinetics. It also provides confirmation for candidate substance effectiveness, safety for non-clinical trials and clinical trials, post-marketing surveillance (PMS), clinical trials, and other activities. The CDMO business segment offers assistance in pharmaceutical companies’ drug formulation development and manufacturing. The company’s CSO business segment aids pharmaceutical companies’ sales and marketing efforts with focus on dispatching medical representatives (MRs) to pharmaceutical companies and service representatives to medical device manufacturers. This segment carries out dispatch and education-related tasks in the medical affairs field. CMIC’s Healthcare segment helps patients and consumers in health, pre-symptoms, prevention or prognosis through self-screening services contributing to the early detection and prevention of serious diseases and the harmo electronic prescription record service. The IPM business segment carries out the development and sale of orphan drugs and diagnostic tools.