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Manufactures ImmunoSpotTM analyzers and provides consumables for the testing e.g. our cryopreserved ePBMC. Our laboratory services include, but are not limited to: cryopreservation of samples; assay development and validation, GCP, GLP-compliant testing; plate scanning and analysis.

Cellular Technology Limited (CTL) is a leading solution provider for immune monitoring needs during drug and vaccine development, supporting both pre-clinical and clinical studies. Its contract laboratory operation has a unique high-throughput immune monitoring capability of Cell Mediated Immunity (CMI) with emphasis on T and B cells in a GCP and GLP compliant facility. Our laboratory services include, but are not limited to: separation of PBMC from whole blood and cryopreservation of functional PBMC; assay development and validation; for ELISPOT, killer assays, ELISA, FACS. In addition CTL Manufactures ImmunoSpotTM analyzers for the evaluation of immunological and bioassays (e.g. ELISPOT, viral plaque, serum neutralization and cytopathic effect). Our extensive library of cryopreserved characterized PBMC and a targeted range of consumables complete our solution portfolio.

Contact Information:
: info@immunospot.com
Phone: +1 216-791-5084
Website: www.immunospot.com

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