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Storage and Logistics Services for Clinical Trial Materials

Geostorage partners with clinical trial sponsors to provide a range of services for shipping and storing trial materials.


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Geostorage has been operating in the pharmaceutical industry since 2010, providing a range of services for conducting clinical trials. Our capabilities include storage and distribution, shipment tracking and qualifications, and regulatory consultancy.

Geostorage’s competitive advantage is the result of its qualitative technological characteristics, which include machinery and equipment, technical and administrative staff, and process-oriented management and leadership.

Clinical trial material import and export services

Geostorage’s services portfolio includes brokerage and customs procedures for the import and export of investigational medicinal products (IMPs), supplies and bio-samples, in addition to storage, distribution and courier services. We also allow products to be returned, recalled or destroyed if they are not suitable for the project.

Our teams can relabel IMPs and other supplies according to client needs, as well as track and issue shipment delivery/receipt forms and record other data via the GEOSTORAGE Programme. The programme can also archive documents, source comparator medicines and other supplies.

Geostorage supplies storage and distribution, shipment tracking and qualifications, and regulatory consultancy for clinical trials.
Our teams can relabel investigational medicinal products and other supplies according to clients’ needs.
We can provide storage, distribution, collection, delivery and packing services among others.
Geostorage’s customs brokerage services coordinate the movement of shipments and ensure they can be fully registered.
Our courier services provide immediate delivery reports and track shipments at all points of their journey.
Geostorage can transport shipments safely at temperatures of between -86⁰C and 25⁰C.
Our validated programme includes the reception and registration of clinical trial materials at the warehouse.
Geostorage holds ISO 9001:2008 certification and is the only good distribution practice-certified company in Georgia.

For projects involving biological samples, Geostorage can provide storage, distribution, collection, delivery and packing services, as well as prepare documents for customs procedures and shipment insurance.

Customs brokerage capabilities for pharmaceutical shipments

Geostorage’s customs brokerage services include coordinating the movement of shipments, ensuring goods can be fully registered, and helping to obtain the required documents for clearing customs and declaring dangerous goods. We offer both national and international courier services, which can carry out shipments on time and at the required temperatures, as well as cold chain distribution and investigator site support.

Our teams can prepare pro-forma and air waybill (AWB) tracking documentation, mark and label shipments as being International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliant, and supply and replenish dry ice for shipments that require it.

Courier services for medicinal and clinical trial products

Geostorage provides timely deliveries of shipments throughout Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, providing immediate delivery reports and tracking shipment status at all points. In particular, we can deliver IMPs and clinical trial materials (CTMs) to study sites using our own specialised vehicles.

Our couriers can transport cargo at ambient, cold and frozen temperatures using validated Credo boxes and calibrated ESCORT iMiniPlus temperature loggers. This equipment ensures that shipments can be transported safely at temperatures ranging from -86⁰C to 25⁰C.

Depot services for storing pharmaceutical formulations

Geostorage can store all types of medical products and clinical trial materials at ambient (15-25⁰C), refrigerated (2-8⁰C), frozen (-20⁰C to -35⁰C), and deep freeze temperatures (down to -86⁰C). All temperature and humidity conditions are tracked and recorded by a central monitoring system, which provides SMS alarms and notifications for any deviations and excursions.

Our validated programme covers the reception and registration of IMPs and CTMs at the warehouse, as well as the repacking and relabelling of shipments as necessary.

About Geostorage

Founded in 2010, Geostorage provides high-quality logistical services for clinical trials at all times. The company is based in Tbilisi, Georgia, and is the country’s first clinical trial-specific depot.

Geostorage holds ISO 9001:2008 certification and is licensed by the Georgian Ministry of Health. We hold good distribution practice (GDP) certificates from both local and EU-wide regulatory authorities and, as of 2018, we are the only company in Georgia to hold a GDP certificate.

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11, T. Gudava str.
Georgia 0186

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