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Global Logistics Services for Clinical Trials

GNN Group provides comprehensive supply chain support services for companies in the clinical trials sector.


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Successful clinical trials and life science projects are crucial to advance new treatments and drugs. However, managing the complex clinical trial supply chain, especially for global deliveries, can be challenging. That’s where GNN Group can help.

With more than 20 years of expertise in global logistics for clinical trials and life science projects, GNN Group is your specialised and reliable partner. We understand the significance of precision, reliability, and compliance in delivering the highest quality for your biotech and pharma ventures.

Our commitment to excellence is evident through our network of more than 1,100 global partners, which enables us to provide tailored logistics solutions. We offer services for the entire clinical trial process, from planning trial logistics to executing seamless shipments with 24/7 temperature monitoring and tracking worldwide.

Clinical trial good practice and regulatory compliance

What distinguishes GNN Group is our dedication to ensuring your trial’s success. We meticulously plan and forecast to ensure a steady supply of materials and equipment throughout the trial. Our rigorous temperature and humidity monitoring, and superior packaging and handling, guarantee the integrity and quality of your clinical trial materials and equipment.

Shipping biological samples can present many challenges. You can rely on GNN’s expertise for shipping all types of biological samples.
Whether you’re shipping one sample or an entire sample warehouse, we provide the perfect packaging systems.
We help you ship blood samples and cryopreserved PBMC samples to the desired laboratory as quickly as possible.
GNN’s Competence Center offers professional consulting services across all segments of logistics.
We offer qualified PCM/VIP systems that guarantee the proper temperature of your products during shipping.
We ensure the temperature stability and IATA/ADR compliance of your shipments by utilising the most innovative monitoring and packaging systems available in the industry.
We offer a wide range of tested and certified packaging systems for shipping infectious samples, in all sizes and for all temperature ranges.
At GNN, we want to tap into the potential for green logistics, whether through preventing empty runs or ensuring energy-efficient warehouse operations and innovative returnable systems.
GNN Group's founder and CEO Mehran Nadji has extensive experience in clinical trial and bio sample logistics, as well as broad knowledge of sustainable logistics solutions.
Our COO Sam Yazdani is a tenacious troubleshooter with a penchant for gourmet and our unrelenting trailblazing leader.

GNN Group’s expertise and more than 20 years of international operations experience make us highly qualified to create the right package of resources for your project. Strict standards, such as good practice (GxP) and ISO 9001, are established elements of our processes – not to mention that our transportation, shipping, and monitoring technologies are state of the art. We constantly optimise our processes to guarantee the highest quality.

We carry each of your shipments in our own hands because we know how important they are. You can count on our professional team throughout every stage of your clinical trial.

Trained specialists to ensure high-quality supply services

GNN considers logistics to be defined by one thing above all else: excellent teamwork. Our global network of specialists is constantly shaping, revolutionising, and simplifying the world of clinical trial logistics. They have been providing outstanding service and consultation to guarantee the most sustainable solutions for more than 20 years.

GNN knows what the important factors are when it comes to storing IMPs and biological samples. That’s why we have spent more than two decades curating a network of reliable partners for you – so that proper storage of your products is guaranteed.

Proactive communication with customers, partners and authorities is important to us. All processes are documented by trained specialists and are ISO certified and GDP and GMP compliant. GNN’s annual internal and external audits encompass the review of continuous improvements – a practice defined in our Change & Quality Management policy.

Comprehensive support services for the clinical trial process

Here are several compelling reasons to choose GNN Group as your logistics partner:

  • Our exceptional commitment to delivering high-quality service is evident through our deviation rate of <0.3%. At the same time, our prices are lower than those of our competitors due to our lean administration and efficient system.
  • We care for packaging, dry ice, all customs issues, paperwork, and anything else regarding every of your shipments so that you can focus on your job.
  • We proudly hold the ISO 9001-2015 certification, underscoring our strict adherence to rigorous quality standards. All our services are complying with GxP.
  • With a remarkable track record of conducting 256 clinical studies across all phases (I, II, and III) in 87 countries, our extensive experience and global reach are unmistakable.
  • Our expertise in handling specialised cargo shines through, with more than 20,000 successful temperature-sensitive shipments managed since 2010.
  • Our comprehensive logistical services span the entire spectrum of clinical trial support. From consultation and logistics conception to study-specific document preparation, GMP depot network for IMPs, central laboratories for analysis, procurement of study items, production of kits, storage, and distribution to laboratories/sites, ‘Sample Storage’ solutions, API shipment to IMP manufacturers, and global shipment of samples – we have your needs fully covered.

Guaranteed clinical trial success through close collaboration

We are the preferred logistics partner for our value-oriented customers in the life science sector, as we guarantee the success of their clinical trials. Our high-quality comprehensive consultation and service form a great combination with the commitment of our expert team. Together, these elements ensure maximally sustainable solutions that enable our customers to improve their patients’ quality of life!

Complete customer satisfaction and the absolute best consultation and service are our top priorities. We ensure the integrity of our clients’ clinical trial shipments and guide their project to the finish line.

About GNN

Founded in Austria by Mehran Nadji in 2002, GNN Group has emerged as a pioneering force in clinical trial supply and logistics. With a legacy spanning more than two decades, the company has orchestrated more than 20,000 shipments with a 99.7% accuracy rate.

GNN’s origins reflects its unwavering dedication to elevating patients’ wellbeing. This commitment extends to crafting tailored solutions through personalised consulting that aims to align with the goals of the biotech and pharma industries.

At the heart of GNN lies its core centre, a team of experts with profound expertise. This team, together with a global network of more than 1,100 partners, drives the company’s legacy of excellence. Our expertise includes kit production, storage, and distribution, including IMP depots.

By forging strategic partnerships, GNN ensures seamless worldwide operations, paving a greener and more promising future for patients, clients, and the planet.

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    Founded in Austria by Mehran Nadji in 2002, GNN Group has emerged as a pioneering force in clinical trial supply and logistics. With a legacy spanning more than two decades, the company has orchestrated 20,000+ shipments with a 99.7% accuracy rate.

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