Topa Thermal is a trusted partner to pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, clinical trial distributors, and logistics companies worldwide. Our advanced thermal packaging shipping containers and solutions ensure the safe transport of temperature-sensitive healthcare products, maintaining product efficacy and patient safety.

Our highly regarded °Connex range of pre-qualified and customised shipping solutions ensure the reliable cold chain protection of vaccines, medicines, transplant materials, and medical trial products. From clinical trials to commercial distribution and the last mile, Topa Thermal’s innovative thermal packaging solutions aid global access to critical temperature-sensitive healthcare products.

Pioneering thermal packaging for sustainable clinical trial delivery

Topa Thermal’s state-of-the-art, ISTA-certified mechanical and thermal test centre, Topa Institute, drives innovation. Our packaging solutions are designed, qualified and pharma-optimised here ‒ lowering costs, reducing carbon emissions and improving efficiency at all points of the clinical trial and pharmaceutical distribution process – to create a more sustainable, streamlined, and optimised cold chain.

Topa Thermal’s °Connex GEO line offers the widest selection of ready-to-use thermal packaging solutions.
Our °Connex ECO zero-waste thermal container is designed to ensure more sustainable pharma logistics.
The °Connex packaging allows researchers to trust the data generated during each trial phase by maintaining temperature stability.
Topa Thermal’s integrated parts and components are designed with customer operations in mind.
All our packaging solutions are designed, qualified and pharma-optimised at our test centre, Topa Institute.
Our °Connex shipping solutions ensure temperature stability for vaccines, medicines, transplant materials, and medical trial products while in transit.
Topa Thermal has received EcoVadis’ Bronze Award in recognition of our strong sustainability management system.

Topa Institute uniquely combines thermal and mechanical testing in a single facility, ensuring that our packaging solutions not only address thermal challenges but also withstand the mechanical stresses of global distribution while using minimal materials.

Thermal packaging for clinical trial success and product integrity

Many drugs, vaccines, and clinical trial therapies are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, so maintaining the correct temperature range during shipping is crucial to preserving product efficacy and safety and ensuring a successful clinical trial outcome.

Topa Thermal plays a critical role in ensuring the success of clinical trials. Our °Connex thermal packaging ensures consistent temperature control, safeguarding trial products from temperature excursions – from ‘bench to bedside’.

Clinical trials rely on accurate data for regulatory approvals and scientific insights, and any deviation in temperature can compromise trial results. °Connex thermal packaging maintains stability, allowing researchers to trust the data generated during each trial phase.

Pre-qualified solutions for cost-effective and efficient logistics

With more than 250 pre-qualified options, Topa Thermal’s °Connex GEO line offers the widest possible choice of ready-to-use thermal packaging solutions available. By using expanded qualification criteria, °Connex GEO gives customers greater control when choosing a cost-effective thermal packaging solution that is ready-made for shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

Using °Connex GEO simplifies packing and streamlines operations, even when managing multiple trials concurrently. The entire °Connex GEO range – from parcel to pallet, as well as pallet-accepting – is fully modular and specially designed to optimise warehouse and distribution efficiency.

Sustainable thermal packaging with easy recycling options

New to Topa Thermal’s pre-qualified range in 2024 is °Connex ECO. Unlike traditional cardboard boxes or paper bag solutions for cold chain distribution, the °Connex ECO zero-waste thermal container is designed especially for more sustainable pharma logistics.

The product is entirely bio-based and fully kerbside recyclable, making it easy for patients and end-users to dispose of it. Its innovative rigid cellulose wall technology gives it the mechanical strength and thermal properties that are required to assure clinical trial and pharma integrity.

  • Thermal reliability: Ensures that vaccines, clinical trials, and speciality biologics remain at stable temperatures. This reliability safeguards the efficacy and safety of temperature sensitive clinical trial and medical products during transportation.
  • Robust reliability: Unlike traditional solutions using cardboard or flimsy paper bags, °Connex ECO uses cellulose-based, rigid-wall technology, giving the robust mechanical strength required in transit and ensuring that drugs arrive at their destinations intact.
  • Easy recyclability: Being bio-based and fully recyclable in regular paper and board flows, °Connex ECO contributes to environmental sustainability. The innovative cellulose tech container offers an alternative to EPS foam insulation. It is plastic-free and can therefore be recycled easily by doctors and clinical trial volunteers in normal paper and board streams, reducing waste and supporting eco-friendly practices.

Customised packaging solutions to meet clinical trial requirements

With °Connex YOU, Topa Thermal aims to provide packaging materials that not only address your unique distribution challenges but also align with your organisational strategies and ethos. When you embark on a °Connex You project, we begin by meticulously identifying your product’s unique characteristics and defining your distribution challenges and limitations. Only then do we consider the most suitable packaging materials.

During the design phase, we assess not only thermal suitability but also mechanical and environmental factors. Our industry-leading thermal and mechanical test centre, Topa Institute, plays a crucial role in this process. Ultimately, our goal is to develop tailored solutions that meet your business needs, guided solely by your products and requirements.

Optimising distribution efficiency with modular thermal packaging components

Topa Thermal’s integrated parts and components are designed with customer operations in mind. They are easy to use and quick to fill, reducing loading times and increasing efficiencies throughout the distribution process.

Our °Connex PARTS range of high-quality components includes coolant packs, insulated containers, covers, and overwraps. Whether you require a reliable insulated container or a high-performance phase change pack, °Connex PARTS are designed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and clinical trial distribution. Not only do they support our °Connex GEO pre-qualified line, but they can also serve as ideal inclusions or replacements for any thermal packaging solution.

Environmental Responsibility

Topa Thermal’s thermal packaging solutions are designed with minimal waste in mind and align with global efforts by the life science industry to reduce its environmental impact. Topa Group’s proactive approach underlines the importance of corporate sustainability in addressing global environmental challenges.

Our commitment to sustainability has been recognised by various awarding bodies. In 2024, we received the EcoVadis Bronze Award, which recognises our strong management system addressing sustainability criteria. Since May 2022, Topa Group has been officially recognised as a Climate Neutral Company by compensating for carbon emissions through the construction of a wind farm in Brazil.

In addition, Topa Thermal won the 2023 BSMA Sustainability Award for the innovative °Connex OVERWRAP, which increases product space by 25% compared to regular airline ULD pallets while reducing carbon emissions by 30% and freight costs by 40%.