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Accelerating Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Clariness is a global patient recruitment company that has randomised patients in 50+ countries across 100+ indications.


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Clariness is dedicated to improving patients’ lives by expediting the development of new medical therapies. We help make this possible by delivering patient recruitment, patient insights and study creatives on a global level.

Our extensive experience and medical knowledge across various therapy areas has earned us the trust of 13 leading pharmaceutical companies, which have chosen us to support their patient recruitment studies at more than 7,000 research centres worldwide.

Scalable clinical trial platform to increase patient recruitment

Clariness has delivered more than 25,000 randomisations across more than 100 indications in various countries, screening more than one million patients in 2022 alone. We connect patients, sites and sponsors through ClinLife®, our proprietary patient portal.

The ClinLife® portal is currently live in more than 50 countries and available in more than 35 languages. The scalable platform is co-created with patients and optimised to deliver an unrivalled patient experience, which in turn drives conversion rates.

Clariness has randomised patients in more than 50 countries across more than 100 indications.
Our solutions focus on study feasibility, patient recruitment and study creativity.
We have carried out more than 25,000 randomisations for trials in total.
Our patient, investigator and sponsor portals are all designed to expedite enrolment.
Clariness’ enrolment success team prioritises patient pre-qualification and referral, as well as site referral support.
We collect insights from patients and healthcare professionals to ensure trials are as smooth as possible.
Trials with which we have assisted have highlighted the need for participation from diverse patient populations.
Clariness’ Clinlytics patient insights platform allows teams to view all their trial data and insights in one place.
Our study creatives and materials enable users to unlock the full potential of their clinical trial sites.
We provide the materials needed for clinical trial sites to maximise patient enrolment, recalls and referrals.

ClinLife’s® Investigator portal mode allows site teams to view referral status and information in order to process and randomise referrals efficiently. The platform’s Sponsor portal capabilities let users see their enrolment funnel performances in real-time, as well as provide de-identified data to understand the performance of study campaigns and sites.

Proven performance in randomising patients for trials

Having randomised thousands of patients across various indications, Clariness knows how to deliver and has the data and experience to prove it. Recent patient recruitment highlights include:

  • More than 300 patients randomised for a tinnitus study, which took place at 180 sites in 11 countries over 15 months
  • A 32% randomised referral conversion rate in a dementia study at a decentralised trial site in Germany over the course of nine months
  • A 27% randomised contribution in an atopic dermatitis drug study, which was carried out at 15 sites in three countries over four months
  • A 54% randomised contribution in a nine-month non-alcoholic fatty liver disease study held at four sites in two countries

Patient insights to improve efficiency in clinical trials

Studies leveraging patient insights recruit 30% more patients, which is why Clariness focuses on delivering insights that fuel study design and significantly boost patient enrolment and retention. We gather insights directly from patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) to answer the questions your study team should be asking, such as:

  • What is the trade-off between inclusion and exclusion requirements and patients’ willingness to participate?
  • How does the trial’s target population vary by country, ethnicity and other factors?
  • Do the chosen sites have the right patients, technology and staff to support the study?

For these and other questions, we align insights to our clients’ focus areas to ensure we provide actionable data.

Clariness’ services allow you to identify your largest enrolment barriers, select the most appropriate sites and countries for trials, make use of the benefits of decentralised clinical trials, and avoid expensive protocol amendments by understanding which study procedures are truly needed.

Study creatives to improve patient enrolment and retention

Clariness helps clinical trial sponsors unlock the full potential of their sites by providing study materials designed with data and patient input that maximise enrolment and retention. These can give trials an identity that boosts recall and referrals, as well as drive patient enrolment and improve conversions.

Through 18 years of experience and performance data, spanning more than 100 indications with randomisations in more than 50 countries, we can deliver patients and insights aligned to your focus area.

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