Organisations performing Clinical Trial research are increasingly using video images to support their trials for later review and analysis. While Trials will normally last for 2 to 3 years, under regulatory guidelines often this video content must be stored securely for up to 25 years.

ChilliPharm enables users to store, share and review their video content safely and securely while being easy to use; compliant with regulatory requirements; fully scalable; and fast and reliable.

With nearly twenty years’ experience of developing and providing software tools to make it easier for clients from a range of business sectors to securely share and review image files, ChilliBean has refocused the business by working with Sponsors, CROs and Hospitals to develop a new clinical image management platform – ChilliPharm – making it possible for them to securely share and review video and other image files generated in connection with Clinical Trials.

Hospital-based clinicians all over the world are using the web based software on a daily basis to upload, share and review a range of image files, such as those used in rare disease neuromuscular Clinical Trials to share video for the external review of filmed functional assessments such as walk and run tests and strength tests.

As the use of video and other medical imaging files grows ChilliPharm is being used in an increasingly diverse number of therapeutic areas. In addition, ChilliPharm now also supplies bespoke camera tablets, tripods and adaptors to ensure that image quality is consistent across all Trial sites and making it even simpler to upload and share vital research data.

Please contact Matt Watkiss, Head of New Business for further details on how ChilliPharm can help streamline your Trials:

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