IVR Clinical Concepts (IVCC) is an interactive voice response (IVR) applications firm, which offers real-time data and reports for the clinical research field.

The company was established to address the need in the market for an independent business that can manufacture and enforce efficient and effective solutions, which are customised to every customer and study.

Clients who select us for their chosen IVR solutions are repaid with universally available applications, which place crucial decision-making data close at hand.

Customised data solutions for clinical trials

IVCC manufactures electronic patent diaries (e-PRO) and telephone scripts customised according to the client’s specifications. Furthermore, our in-house organisation identifies keypad and voice responses to questions, making them compliant to all global standards.

We manufacture e-PRO and telephone scripts, tailored to client protocols.
Our Interactive Voice Response solutions place important decision-making data close to hand.
IVCC delivers real-time data and reports for accurate clinical research results.

IVRCC has dedicated itself to manufacturing IVR systems that effectively interface with multiple technologies, including electronic data capture (EDC), to offer data assemblage and complete management of every clinical study.

The company’s IVRCC system simplifies adaptive trials, which are increasing in number every year. Adaptive studies benefit from IVRCC’s applications, which accumulate significant data to produce real-time reports with performance metrics for quick decision-making.

Real-time data for multiple phases of the clinical research process

Our system is proficient in managing high call volumes, with no requirement for further expensive hardware or software capital costs. Real-time data gathered and reported is utilised by customers for numerous phases of the clinical research process.

Phases include patient screening, registration and randomisation, and drug supply and inventory command, as well as patient diaries with audit trails to highlight compliance to reporting procedures, and programmed data authorisations and alerts.

IVRCC offers an efficient, fast-deploying solution to accumulate and report data for a wide range of clinical development businesses.

Cost-effective solutions for clinical research companies

We offer quick and economical installation of our pre-validated high-capacity system, as well as an interactive voice response system that provides round-the-clock support to patients, study coordinators and sponsors.

The IVRCC system can recover comprehensive data worldwide through a simple telephone connection. Furthermore, it is compliant with universal clinical standards, with convenience to complete audit trials.

Dedicated IVRCC employees aim to explain the benefits and features of our portfolio of tailored products, enabling clients to make the best choice for each trial. We also create a budget based on individual trial data and requirements.

Budget approval, application release and continued monitoring

Upon budget approval, an initial meeting takes place to discuss user requirements for specific applications. Once built, our dedicated team will test the application and carry out any alterations if necessary.

On application finalisation, clients have the opportunity to review it and the application will advance to production for the customer or test subjects upon approval.

Once the application is released, we continue to monitor the system to guarantee the highest level of quality, performance and security. We continue to be involved with our customers through the whole trial process and can make any required alterations quickly and easily.