KryoTrans International manufactures reusable containers for the transportation of temperature-controlled mediscience products.

As the pharmaceutical market reaches ever wider, and as regulatory demands for temperature-controlled shipments become tougher, so the need for a reliable, simple, passive and reusable container becomes greater – especially one that can deliver at a cost-effective price.

Temperature-controlled containers

The KryoTrans range of temperature-controlled containers, now in use with many pharmaceutical companies, offers a powerful response to these challenges. With customers enjoying compliance times of more than 240 hours, even in the toughest ambient conditions, KryoTrans containers are building a formidable reputation for solving challenging and expensive problems.

KryoTrans containers are high-quality, tough and simple solutions that deliver repeatedly, with the built-in data logger proving that the goods have arrived in compliance.

Temperature-controlled containers with integrated data logger

KryoTrans containers use phase-change configurations for -20°C, 2°C to 8°C and +20°C requirements, with dry ice alternatives for lower temperatures. All shipments are recorded on the integral data logger, which not only records internal and external temperatures (as well as occasions upon which the container may have been opened) but also displays the internal temperature (showing highest and lowest encountered during the trip) for easy product acceptance and sign-off.

One configuration, all year round, takes the guesswork out of trip planning and simplifies inventory control. It also ensures that whether the issue is cold starting temperatures or exposure to high ambients at the destination the consignment will still be protected.

Reusable, durable containers for mediscience products

KryoTrans containers are made from tough, durable plastics that are designed to stand up to the rigours of airfreight and road transportation. They are designed to last for a minimum of three years, as are the eutectic plates that power them.

They are not only durable but effective, too. KryoTrans offers one internal configuration, all year round, regardless of temperatures at origination, en route, or at destination, which delivers the extended compliance times that are needed to ensure that unforeseen hold-ups in transit or in customs sheds can be weathered without compromising the load.

For those brought up on the time-consuming, fiddly construction of many disposable solutions the KryoTrans container will be a revelation: a simple and quick set of procedures that produces outstanding results over and over again.

Data logger for cold-chain product protection

The outstanding KryoLogger data logger for cold-chain product protection, which is integrated into our temperature-controlled containers, offers a host of features that disposable or throw-in loggers simply cannot compete with:

  • Records internal and external temperatures
  • Records occasions upon which the container is opened
  • Permits emailing of journey log
  • Displays highest and lowest load temperatures encountered during journey
  • Displays current load temperature
  • Displays number of trips to recalibration (user defined)

Temperature-controlled container purchase, lease or rental

KryoTrans has made sure that the requirements of all types of customers can be met by offering a range of purchase, lease and rental options for its temperature-controlled containers. These are:

  • Outright purchase
  • Lease purchase
  • Two-way rental (return to source)
  • One-way rental (return to nominated hub)
  • Long-term rental