MIT Optimal Sourcing Solutions is a dedicated supplier of comparator drugs, specialised in European Union (EU) open market solutions for clinical trials.

With over 25 years of industry experience, we offer intelligent solutions on time and with clear communication, dedicated to meeting procurement requirements. Clients can trust us to supply reliable solutions for the complex and demanding field of clinical trials.

Optimal result, collaboration and development

Due to our broad network of suppliers across Europe, as well as chief wholesale partners in almost every EU country, we have optimal access on the open EU market.

Together with this relationship and daily contact with these partners, we have direct access to data and stock levels of one of the most comprehensive full-line wholesalers in the Netherlands, Mosadex Group.

Furthermore, in our group, we have the full support of Fisher Farma and Medcor Group, who together make up two of the leading Principal Investigator (PI) import companies in the Netherlands. Through these companies, we also have direct relationships with manufacturers.

In the open market with comparator drugs and clinical trial delivery experience

MIT delivers speed and competitive pricing in the quotes the company provides. Furthermore, we have high-quality services with dedicated account management, full regulatory compliance, and a fully audited supply chain.

In several countries, we have access to Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) to Batch Release Certificates (BRCs), as well as vast market knowledge, coupled with over two decades of industry experience as part of the Mosadex Group with all its benefits.

MIT also complies with the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Tailor-made comparator drugs with quotes upon client request

Upon request, clients receive a complete tailor-made quote on several variables, which include:

  • EU number/national number
  • Active ingredient
  • Product name
  • Pack size
  • Country of origin
  • Documentation
  • Requested quantity
  • Ability to supply
  • Price
  • Batch
  • Expiry
  • Lead time
  • Quote validity
  • MA holder

If a specific quote is not available, clients can then receive our market intelligence concerning the project, or confirmation that the project is currently not available.

Market intelligence contains information concerning the history of the product, quantity available with or without documentation for one or multiple countries and the presentation of a different pack size or different country than requested. It may also contain information regarding discontinued products or new products not yet introduced in specific markets.