Cloudleaf, Inc. and OnAsset Intelligence, Inc. are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to bring enhanced insight into the movement of cargo throughout the supply chain. Combining Cloudleaf’s supply chain visibility and optimization SaaS platform with OnAsset’s suite of monitoring devices, this partnership will enable users to know, with a high degree of accuracy, the location, condition and security details of high-value shipments throughout the globe.

OnAsset’s SENTRY FlightSafe® devices monitor piece-level cargo, not just the vehicle transporting the cargo. The data gathered by SENTRY devices stream to Cloudleaf’s Digital Visibility Platform, an advanced analytics and AI/ML platform. The SENTRY FlightSafe functionality has advanced communications technologies, including 5G and LoRaWAN.

This enables customers to know the exact location and condition of their cargo, which is also logged into a digital chain of custody record, at all times, across the globe. The SENTRY is the first asset monitoring device to include an on-screen display, giving users the option to work with the device on site to read shipment data, resolve issues, configure settings and create rules without having to log into software.

Because OnAsset’s family of technologies extend beyond cargo tracking and into the warehouse and cold chain, the IoT driven visibility created by Cloudleaf and OnAsset will eliminate supply chain blind spots, enable customers to anticipate and respond to potential supply chain disruptions, and improve efficiency and on-time-in-full delivery to reduce cost and build competitive advantages.

“The benefits of this partnership are significant for all manufacturers and logistics providers that understand the importance of ground-truth asset and inventory intelligence,” says Cloudleaf’s CEO, Mahesh Veerina. “All too often current solutions or deployments providing indoor, fleet or asset tracking data fall short of expectations for timeliness, accuracy, and context. Together, Cloudleaf’s intelligence platform and OnAsset’s technologies, are proven to deliver the IoT driven ground-truth insights for Industry 4.0 transformation needs.”

“We are thrilled to enter this partnership with Cloudleaf,” says Adam Crossno, CEO of OnAsset Intelligence, Inc. “The visualization and analytical capabilities, combined with OnAsset’s data feeds, create a powerful advantage for users to gain visibility from the cargo edge.”