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Bespoke, Cost-Effective Preclinical Cancer Model Searches for Preclinical Studies

Repositive aims to accelerate cancer drug development by improving translational success at all points in the development timeline.


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Repositive aims to accelerate cancer drug development by improving translational success at all points in the development timeline.

We provide unique, tailored preclinical cancer model searches for researchers in the preclinical oncology space. Our work connects biopharma with contract research organisations (CRO) from around the world for successful drug development.

We work to make the CRO landscape more accessible by levelling the playing field between CROs of different sizes, and by introducing new and unique technologies to our biopharma customers. Our model inventory features many different cancer models, including patient-derived xenografts (PDX), cell-line derived xenografts (CDX), cell lines, syngeneic mouse models and organoids. This lets us present our customers with a complete spectrum of preclinical model options.

Repositive aims to accelerate clinical trials by improving translational success.
Repositive offers a personalised, human-centric approach for finding the right cancer models for clinical trials.
Repositive’s Cancer Model Scout (CMS) service can access more than 100 CROs from all over the world.

Bespoke preclinical cancer model searches

Repositive provides a personalised, human-centric approach driven by scientific merit to help you find the right cancer models for preclinical studies. Our solutions give you direct access to our experienced team of scientists.

We offer a richer insight into the global CRO landscape by levelling the playing field between big and small CROs. This gives a more comprehensive view of the landscape and helps you make more informed decisions about which CROs to partner with.

We have spent years developing our CRO network and curating preclinical cancer model data, enabling us to give customers fast access to the most accurate and diverse cancer model data. We can search for complex, hard-to-find models and our network is always growing.

Our business is founded on strong principles and guided by a shared mission and set of values. We at Repositive all wish to help scientists do the science and accelerate drug discovery.

Tailored subscription services for clinical trials

Repositive offers a tailored, cost-effective subscription-based package for researchers looking for preclinical cancer models. Our subscription is a combination of:

  • Our Cancer Model Scout (CMS) report service, a bespoke model search across our extended CRO network. The service provides reports containing molecular data, genomic data and treatment information. You can request supporting information, including growth curves and immunohistochemistry, and tell us what information you need to know ahead of your preclinical study. We also provide a bioinformatics report to ensure you are confident in our data and analysis.
  • Unlimited access to our beta Cancer Models Platform (CMP), which contains more than 8,000 preclinical cancer models from our partnered CROs. You can browse models and filter specifically by primary site, cancer subtype, model type, genomic data, treatment type and treatment response.

After you purchase a subscription package, we will organise an onboarding call with you to set your team up with access to our beta CMP, which you can access fully during your subscription. We will also introduce you to your designated customer support contact, who can help you make the most of your subscription and answer any of your questions.

If you ever need to find more specific preclinical cancer models, let us know and we can initiate a CMS search for you. We aim to return results within two to four weeks. The results will include a CMS report, with model suggestions tailored to your scientific requirements, and a bioinformatics report explaining the methodology behind our search.

Bespoke cancer model searches with quick results

Repositive’s CMS service allows access to more than 100 CROs from across the world. We carry out model searches for you and compile a list of the best matches, which often include dozens of cancer models. You have complete control over the final choice, as your scientists can choose the right model and CRO based on scientific merit.

The CMS lets you connect with vendors to find using traditional approaches to model searching. The system can more than double your internal database to let you quickly choose the right cancer model, even if the right model is one that’s uncommon.

Easily accessible preclinical cancer models

Repositive’s CMP is the world’s largest directory of cancer models, giving direct and instant access to more than 8,000 models.

You can search independently for preclinical cancer models and filter by primary site, model type, gene mutation and more.

Modern preclinical oncology technologies

Repositive’s bespoke, human-centric approach to model searches is aided by the latest technology. We are constantly improving our platform so we can improve our search results and give them to you more quickly.

We are always looking for the latest technological advances in preclinical oncology. We currently provide fruit fly models, zebrafish models and organoids among many other novel technologies.

All metadata is standardised and harmonised across our models so you can discover, assess, and compare results quickly.

About Repositive

Repositive was originally a subsidiary of the charity DNAdigest, which works to promote and enable open access to knowledge for the advancement of genomics and clinical research. It was launched as a standalone company in August 2014 to enable fundraising by investment for a software platform and methodology to facilitate genomic data handling.

We offer a bespoke, cost-effective preclinical model search service that connects biopharma with the right contract research organisations to allow researchers fast access to an accurate and diverse collection of preclinical cancer models.

Our team of scientists can access the most relevant models, including PDX, CDX, syngeneic and other novel models. We have established relationships with CROs to help you find the most accurate model faster.

White Papers

Press Releases

  • New CRO Partner Yashraj joins Repositive Cancer Model Network

    Repositive has announced today that Yashraj Biotechnology will be joining its global network of CRO partners. With this new partnership, Repositive is continuing to grow its global reach and cancer model search capabilities to support more biopharma customers in sourcing the right preclinical cancer models for their research.

  • A379 x SMC Lab x Carcinotech

    Repositive has announced that 3 new CROs - Algorithm379, SMC Lab and Carcinotech - will be joining its global cancer model network, bringing the company’s total number of partnerships to almost 30 different vendors. Each new CRO brings a unique set of cancer models and/or services to Repositive’s growing portfolio, further optimising the level of service to researchers working in the preclinical oncology space.

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