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Patient-Centric Services for In-Home or Alternate-Site Clinical Trials Settings

VaLea Clinical Trials specialises in providing convenient patient-centric services for clinical trials in the home or alternate-site settings, based in Vienna, Austria.

Erlaaer Straße 53 / 2 Top 11,
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VaLea Clinical Trials specialises in providing convenient patient-centric services for clinical trials in the home or alternate-site settings, based in Vienna, Austria.

Through our patient-centric focus, our mission is to help and accelerate the development and delivery of safe and innovative medications or medical treatments to patients.

We support re-location as part of protocol-defined visits, those without the necessity of the presence of a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or the need for robust medical devices. We can achieve this outside of a clinical setting within the patient’s home or at alternate sites such as schools and offices.

Specially trained professionals for medical services

VaLea’s extensive network of experienced nurses and MDs, specially trained to assist clients with best-in-class services and provide consistent, accurate, efficient and monitored source data in the shortest timeframe after each visit.

We help to deliver optimal healthcare patient-centric services while supporting our client’s success. Having long-term experience of executive Home Trial Support, VaLea covers all phases of clinical trials throughout the broad spectrum of therapy areas, genomics and personalised medicine, in all age groups.

Specialised Home Trial Support for clinical trials

The Home Trial Support service by VaLea conveniently manages and brings the re-located visit to the study patient. Management and operational duties, including initial monitoring of source data and intimate customer support, are the main areas of VaLea activities.

Centrally managed logistics, study-specific trainings for medical professionals and first monitoring of source data allow real data, real patient and de-identified data delivery.

Ambulant care patient-centric services such as study drug administration (intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular and topical), blood draws (safety labs, pharmacokinetics and genomics) and biological samplings are a shortlist of possibilities offered on round-the-clock demand.

Hand-picked services for flexible and short-term data delivery

Operational Home Trial Support service providers are handpicked by VaLea, ensuring they are located close to the patient and are experienced and certified medical professionals within the specific field, allowing flexibility and short-term data delivery of 24-48 hours.

The patient-centric approach of Home Trial Support improves patient recruitment and their retention, as well as keeps the study on track.

Running a clinical trial while using the Home Trial Support service and putting the patient into focus allows improved patient engagement and retention, broad patient reach and diversity with no geographical limitation and accurate patient recruitment, leading to shorter overall timelines.

Furthermore, VaLea guarantees data quality and safety through the short time of monitored source data delivery and improved communication between all study attendees, as well as cost-effectiveness compared to on-site visits and rapid time to market.

About VaLea

For many years, we have committed ourselves by offering professional healthcare for patients, attaching great significance in compliance with local and international regulations.

Through working in the area of clinical trials at both national and global level for some time, we have grown to know the industry from the perspective of clinicians, patients and business.

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    As a young company, VaLea CT is already a partner of several international sponsors of clinical trials and provides home trial support in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Erlaaer Straße 53 / 2 Top 11
1230 Vienna

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