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Durbin’s Checking Procedure Limits Risk of Counterfeit Goods

Recent news that the number of seizures of medicines suspected of infringing intellectual property increased in 2009 to almost 11.5 million articles across the EU. This highlights the need for sponsor companies and CROs to have trusted partners within the clinical trial supply chain.

Durbin implements a rigorous checking system to limit the risk of counterfeit drugs entering the clinical trial supply chain.

Leslie Morgan, chief executive officer, states: “Durbin primarily buys direct from manufacturers for clinical trial supply, which ensures the provenance of the goods and also shortens the supply chain. On those occasions where we do have to buy from other wholesalers we implement a series of checks. Our first check is only buying from suppliers that we know and trust; there is nothing that beats trust in this business. Secondly, we have technical agreements with our suppliers which detail their obligations. Thirdly, we perform rigorous checks once the goods come into our premises. Our primary goal is to procure pharmaceuticals with clear pedigree and provenance.”

Durbin has a commitment to quality that has been recognised across the industry and is a major factor in the company securing long-term partnerships with many of the top 30 pharmaceutical and CRO companies.

About Durbin

Durbin is a leading global supplier of clinical trial supplies. It is the trusted partner of many top 30 pharma companies and CROs.

Durbin is a global expert in the sourcing and distribution of clinical trial comparators, ancillary supplies and standard of care medications. The Durbin difference consists of: transparent pricing, global sourcing expertise, and global custom distribution.

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