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Management Consulting for Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Companies

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Catenion is a management consulting firm devoted to helping pharmaceutical and medical products companies significantly increase the returns on their research and development (R&D) and marketing investments by creating more innovative and effective strategies and organisations.

We greatly improve how our clients assess the value and risk of their project and product portfolios and how they allocate resources. We also address the cultural impediments to pharmaceutical innovation by helping clients create the organisational climates that foster creativity and medical breakthroughs. Furthermore, we draw on our deep understanding of industry trends and company dynamics to help our clients develop actionable competitive strategies.

We work with board directors, CEOs, business unit general managers, heads of R&D, finance, strategy, portfolio management and business development and other executives who want to improve the performance of their organisation.

Strategy development and innovation management for pharmaceutical and medical products companies

Catenion specialises in strategy development and innovation management for pharmaceutical and medical products companies. It is our sole focus. We possess and continually develop leading approaches to key aspects of R&D strategy, such as asset valuation, risk assessment and portfolio management.

We bring highly experienced consultants with in-depth expertise in the economic, marketing, scientific and organisational effectiveness issues of life sciences R&D who deliver a cross–disciplinary approach to their work. Our consultants are passionate about transferring their knowledge and capabilities to clients.

We develop a strong, independent point of view rooted in the objective reality and requirements of our clients as we see them.

Decision analysis services for the pharmaceutical and medical products industries

Our uniqueness begins with a deep understanding of what really counts in the pharmaceutical and medical products industries.

We are convinced that the core element of success in this industry is not to develop fancy ‘winning strategies’. Rather, we believe the key is to build organisations that can make good decisions in the face of unusually high risks and long timelines.

This is why we have focused on understanding what drives the behaviour and creativity of scientists, technicians and managers, as well as developing tools and methods for decision analysis that address the specific requirements of this industry.

We do not claim to bring ready-made answers to our clients, but we have developed an in-depth understanding of the key drivers of the industry, and our partners and consultants are well-equipped to challenge scientists and executives so as to improve the quality of decision-making in R&D projects, therapeutic areas and the company overall.

Management consulting services for pharmaceutical and medical companies

A number of principles have shaped, and will continue to shape, our firm:

  • Creativity, drive and intrinsic motivation
  • Full empathy with clients and their problems
  • Intellectual honesty and an open mind
  • An understanding of the big picture and attention to detail
  • Modesty and self-awareness

As a result, we continually perfect and re-invent our approaches and analytical methods, always go the extra mile, and are much better at delivering our services than at selling ourselves.

Educational programmes for improved risk mitigation in pharmaceutical R&D and BD&L

The Catenion Academy is the educational arm of Catenion. We help pharmaceutical professionals to reduce the risks involved in bringing new drugs to market and improve complex decision-making. Our goal is to sharpen strategic thinking and improve risk mitigation in pharmaceutical R&D and BD&L.

The Catenion Academy provides three types of educational programmes: Risky Business, the pharmaceutical industry board game; in-depth courses on decision analysis techniques; and customised programmes. Our programmes are based on proprietary consulting approaches developed by Catenion – approaches that have helped to address and solve strategic issues for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.


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