Next Generation Development at Medtec Europe, Stuttgart

More than 7,000 specialists in medical technology from 76 countries will come together at Medtec Europe to share ideas and discover new trends.

To be held from 17 April to 19 April in Stuttgart, among the exhibitors is velixX, which will present its concept of ‘NextGen Development’ for medical technology.

Product development of medical devices has in general a high degree of complexity and especially new ‘point-of-care’ products that need to satisfy a vast range of requirements. Innovative new systems contain physical, chemical and biological components, paired with excellent usability and a cost-efficient production process. Of course, everything needs to be developed and produced within the regulatory guidelines.

Therefore, the development process of such systems faces various risks, which can lead to missed deadlines and a serious overrun of project budget cost.

If not managed properly, single technological issues in one area can lead to great delay because all other areas wait for it to be solved.

Also, the communication needs to be considered to avoid costly misunderstandings between the highly specialised experts that usually come together in such projects.

The complexity has a special effect on the interfaces where subsystems are meant to come together. Often the subsystems themselves are finished but the overall system does still not meet all specified requirements.

Founder and CEO of velixX Manfred Augstein has been active at the market leader for in-vitro devices (IVD) systems for more than 20 years where he supervised several products from first sketches to market launch. Based on this experience, he has developed the concept of ‘NextGen Development’ to explicitly manage the above-mentioned challenges.

The basic idea of ‘NextGen Development’ is to use a network with special focus on the interfaces.

It is characterised by a small overhead since personal resources are activated and deactivated according to the actual need. This creates lean project teams which can proceed fast and effectively.

Since a ‘NextGen Development’ team does not succumb to the organisational constraints of a large engineering office, all topics are exclusively handled by suitable experts to achieve superior results.

Furthermore, ‘NextGen Development’ stands out due to its great flexibility regarding project size and timeline. Projects can be started within days and can contain only a single topic, as well as the complete development process.

Examples of the successful application ‘NextGen Development’ and further information are presented at Medtec Europe, so come and visit velixX from 17 April to 19 April at booth H09C18.

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