ADVANCELL is a creative biotechnology company with its own technology and continuous innovation; it deals with unresolved questions in health and wellbeing using value-added products and services.

The company thrives on its discoveries from the academic environment, improving, developing and licensing them to third parties or bringing them to market.

ADVANCELL adds value by:

  • Improvement of biotech, pharmaceutical and cosmetic developments through the application of in vitro methods with a regulatory and/or predictive value (Alternative Testing unit)
  • Development of drug delivery systems based on ADVANCELL’s proprietary nanosystems technology (Nanosystems unit)
  • Development of own portfolio of new drugs, based on discoveries from the academic world (Therapeutics unit)

Cell-based in vitro models

ADVANCELL Alternative Testing Unit conducts in vitro models based on cells for its European customers (customised research) and also for its own projects. In vitro approaches are often extremely cost-effective in comparison with in vivo studies. In vitro studies allow a lot of information to be generated within a short time and at an acceptable cost during early stages of development, as well as evaluation of new molecules and active ingredients.

ADME-Tox services

ADVANCELL provides services provide services in the area of ADME-Tox, mainly for R&D departments of pharma and biotech companies and CROs. ADVANCELL helps you to provide in vitro absorption, distribution, metabolism and toxicity assays following rigorous quality standards under FDA guidelines and GLP standards.

In vitro safety and efficacy consulting

ADVANCELL also provides customised research and scientific consulting to cosmetic and chemical industries, to evaluate in vitro safety and efficacy of raw materials or final products.

Cell-based assay kits

Some in vitro models offered by ADVANCELL Alternative Testing as services were further developed to ready-to-use cell-based assay kits. Our ReadyCell™ product line is helping our clients to optimise their resources, to avoid in-house cell culture maintenance and to obtain reproducible results. ADVANCELL’s research cell-based assay kits are distributed throughout Europe and the US.

  • CacoReady™: 21-day caco-2 barrier assay that allows the evaluation of oral absorption efficiency, oral bioavailability and oral toxicity
  • CacoGoblet: it is a mucus secreting 21-day barrier assay formed by caco-2 and goblet cells; more permissive and similar to human intestinal epithelium
  • IsoCyp™-Tox: HepG2 cell line transduced with individual CYP450 isoform, that allows early detection and screening of potential bioactivation-dependent acute toxicity
  • PreadyPort™-MDR1: monolayer efflux assay that allows modelling the net transport event of important fluid compartment barriers expressing MDR1 at high levels (PreadyPort™-MDR1 has been developed by SOLVO Biotechnology and ADVANCELL in co-development)

Ready-to-use cell-based assay kits

ADVANCELL and SOLVO Biotechnology are extending the PreadyPort™ product range with the MDCKII-BCRP and MDCKII-OATPB/BCRP ready-to-use cell-based assay kits.

With more than ten years of experience, our team will be able to fulfil your needs. Contact us to discover whether ADVANCELL can become your collaborative partner.