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Antibodies, Proteins, ELISA Kits, Small Molecules, Cells and Human Biological Materials

Caltag Medsystems offers an extensive portfolio of reagents for cell biology, flow cytometry and immunology research.


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Caltag Medsystems offers an extensive portfolio of reagents for cell biology, flow cytometry and immunology research.

The company offers more than 300,000 products, including enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) kits, small molecules, antibodies, proteins, tetramers, cells, media and human tissue.

Caltag Medsystems supplies reagents for the detection of a wide range of different disease biomarkers, together with primary cells and tissue from 26 different cell systems in the human body.

ELISA kits, antibodies, biochemicals and small molecules

Caltag Medsystems provides more than 18,000 ELISA kits across a wide range of disease biomarkers for research areas such as apoptosis, cardiovascular, infection and immunity, and cytokine and metabolism research. Antibodies, proteins and controls are also available individually.

In addition, the company provides a wide range of biochemicals and small molecules, including rare antibiotics, natural chemicals, bacterial toxins, lipids, inhibitors, fluorescent dyes and amino acids.

Cell, tissues and organs

Caltag Medsystems offers healthy and diseased human biological materials, primary cells, skin, media stem cells cell lines, angiogenesis models and transfection reagents. Sample types include blood, plasma, serum, bone marrow, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine, synovial fluid and many more, and are available as matched samples where needed.

Caltag Medsystems’ human biological materials range is extensive, encompassing a wide range of sample types from normal and diseased individuals.  Human tissue products are ethically sourced through a network of clinical sites in the US and Europe. IRB approved collection programmes enable direct screening of human donors with specific profiles of interest, allowing researchers to select the donor criteria required for each study.

Flow cytometry

Caltag Medsystems’ flow cytometry range features Euroflow IVD validated reagents for immunophenotyping, and screening tubes for the detection of haematological malignancies, minimal residual disease and primary immunodeficiencies. Isotype controls and calibration particles are also available

In addition, Caltag Medsystems’ supply TransFix; an IVD cellular antigen stabilisation solution that prevents cellular degradation in whole blood, CSF, bone marrow, circulating tumour cells and animal blood for flow cytometric analysis.

FlowStainer is an automated, hands-free sample preparation instrument for antibody storage, cocktail mixing, cell washing, red cell lysis and centrifugation for complex flow cytometry.

Sample preparation for proteomic studies

Caltag Medsystems provides a range of removal and enrichment sample preparation kits for improved data quality in proteomics analysis.

Kits for lipid removal and clarification, haemoglobin removal and albumin removal are available.

Cell expansion service

Caltag Medsystems specialises in the expansion and cryopreservation of human cells, offering a large-scale cell expansion service with cryopreservation in convenient size aliquots to allow drug discovery researchers to streamline assay workflow. All cells are quality control (QC) tested for mycoplasma and viability.

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Caltag Medsystems
Whiteleaf Business Centre
11 Little Balmer
Buckingham MK18 1TF
United Kingdom