ImmuMap offers state-of-the-art cellular immune analysis solutions for biotech companies developing products for the treatment of immune-oncology and autoimmune diseases.

The company’s services utilise multi-parameter flow cytometry and cell culturing to optimise drug performance. It analyses data from immune monitoring and mode-of-action analyses, as well as presents findings in a consolidated report.

Multi-colour flow cytometry and cell culturing

ImmuMap provides robust assays for the delivery of pre-clinical and clinical-phase data. The assays are customised to meet specific client requirements.

The company performs assays within cell culturing, stimulation and multi-colour flow cytometry with up to 18 parameters. Specialising in the enumeration of multiple specific T-cell populations and associated maturation phenotypes, it uses specialised major histocompatibility complex (MHC) multimers in a high-end and unique assay recently established by its academic collaborators.

ImmuMap partners with several front-line biotech and academic companies, which help it stay updated in the highly complex immune-oncology and autoimmunity sectors. The company also applies its technical and theoretical immune-oncology expertise in these fields.

Immune monitoring and mode-of-action analysis

ImmuMap offers immune monitoring and mode-of-action analysis for immune-therapeutic agents or drugs, as well as T-cell epitope discovery, training courses and consultancy services.

The company communicates with clients to determine an optimal analysis package to ensure the final report contains relevant data, which is analysed and presented in an easy-to-understand layout.

Cellular therapy safety package

ImmuMap has established several assays based on flow cytometry and next-generation sequencing for measuring alloreactivity and the T-cell receptor (TCR) fingerprint.

These assays help prevent cross-reactivity and safety issues in checkpoint inhibitor antibody treatments and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T or TCR-transduced cell therapies, which are commonly used within immune-oncology. These treatments aim to manipulate the patients’ immune system to fight cancerous tissues.

Transparent data collection and reporting

ImmuMap can work to short deadlines and initiates new studies within a month. It provides a simple data report for immediate use, and later delivers all raw data and associated analysis files to maintain transparency and understanding in the collaboration.

The company understands the need for fast delivery and immediately provides electronic versions of the data package and reports once all experiments are complete. It also sends a printed version of the report for the customer’s archives and future reference.

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