NUVISAN virtual events are back in September! Join us as we explore early research challenges with a focus on oncology and how new molecules treating traditionally “undruggable” targets are reshaping our pharma ecosystem.

Our virtual conference series is returning! We’re bringing you hours of content from experienced scientists, discussing everything from cross-indication research, screening solutions, formulation hurdles, to immunogenicity challenges and more.

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– How to translate your oncology target into a preclinical candidate
– New Targets l New molecules l New Companies

Interested in learning how to accelerate your drug discovery program in oncology and lower your attrition rate?

Join our talk “How to translate your oncology target into a preclinical candidate” on Thursday, 16th of September at 2:00pm (CET) to further discuss how to de-risk your oncology drug discovery programs.

Dr. Martin Lange, Head of Translational Research at NUVISAN, and Dr. Carlo Stresemann, Head of Therapeutic Oncology Research at NUVISAN-ICB, will cover:

  • Target deconvolution of novel compounds
  • Elucidating mechanism of actions (MoA) of novel compounds
  • In vivo profiling of novel compounds


Learn from world-class scientists how former “un-druggable” targets are transforming our pharma ecosystem.

Join us at the “New targets | New molecules | New companies – A new pharma ecosystem” conference on Wednesday, 29th and Thursday, 30th of September, from 4:00pm (CET) onward.

Hosted by Dr. Franz von Nussbaum, Head of Life Science chemistry, Dr. Joerg Fanghaenel, Head of Lead discovery and Dr. Uyen Nguyen, Senior scientist at NUVISAN ICB, this virtual conference will cover:

  • The development and success of therapeutics beyond “classical” small molecules
  • Novel technologies to address the formerly undruggable and underexplored target space
  • Insight views into the creation of biotech, venture capital, and CRO businesses to meet these new challenges