As of July 2022, SanaClis further strengthened its supply chain capabilities, with the Slovak Republic Office of Public Health officially granting our flagship EU depot in Bratislava the license to store and distribute radiopharmaceutical products.

Radiopharmaceutical therapy builds on the progress made in the precision medicine fields of targeted therapy and immunotherapy, largely in the field of oncology. Numerous radiopharmaceutical products are now in clinical trials or progressing through the pipeline towards approval.

Despite the global rise of innovative radiopharmaceutical research, there remains an increasing weakness within the supply chain infrastructure. The supply chain infrastructure needed to support radiopharmaceutical research deviates significantly from that of more conventional therapies, which requires more robust handling measures in addition to significant regulatory compliance.

This recent authorisation, in addition to our full CRO solutions, allows SanaClis to further increase the unmet need of our customers, ensuring that all innovative medical research has the necessary support to continue to improve the lives of patients worldwide.

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