Trenzyme is a privately owned contract research organisation that offers modular services in fields such as molecular biology, recombinant expression and protein purification, and cell line development. Trenzyme has significant experience and expertise as a life science service partner, with a customer base that includes both national and international clients.

Recombinant protein expression and purification

Our protein services team can deliver the proteins you require for your downstream applications – this includes proteins expressed in microbials, yeasts, insect or mammalian cells. Our specialists can generate the expression system according to your specifications.

Our commitment to each project we undertake keeps our customers coming back to us again and again to satisfy their recombinant protein expression requirements. Many global companies have made us their outsourcing partner of choice.

We can offer customised protein yields ranging from a few milligrams to several hundred milligrams. Our services include strain generation, target protein expression and purification.

Fixed-price protein manufacturing – E.coli

If you want to outsource your protein production our fixed-price protein manufacturing (FPPM) service is the ideal solution. We offer a free feasibility analysis within 24 hours and products are shipped within 20 business days. Our process is totally transparent, with no hidden costs.

Our FPPM service includes the generation of an expression plasmid, recombinant target protein expression in E.coli, and target protein purification. All you need to provide is the plasmid DNA containing the target sequence.

Fixed-price protein manufacturing – mammalian

Our fixed-price mammalian protein manufacturing service features all of the payment and logistics benefits mentioned above. It includes the generation of an expression plasmid, recombinant target protein expression in HEK293 cells, and target protein purification. Product details:

  • 3mg recombinant protein expressed in HEK293 cells
  • Greater than 75% purity
  • Your choice of N- or C-terminal 6xHis tag
  • Purified protein will be delivered overnight on ‘blue ice’ (+1°C to +4°C)
  • Detailed specification sheet including QC data

All we need from you is the plasmid DNA containing the target sequence.

Cross organism protein expression platform

Whether your target protein is of microbial, mammalian or other origin, we can generate tailor-made model expression organisms. Our molecular biology department generates expression vectors for diverse organisms, which can then be simultaneously screened for the best target protein expression and extended into additional downstream processing services.

Our cross organism expression platform is the fastest way to select the best expression organism. A wide range of expression organisms are available, such as E. coli, yeast, insect and mammalian cells. Key benefits include:

  • Parallel expression plasmid generation for different organisms
  • Parallel protein expression screening in different organisms
  • Optional activity screening
  • Free project consultation

Cell line development – homogenous stable expression

Since 2008 our dedicated team has generated more than 200 ExoIN cell lines for customers worldwide.

Strategies that do not directly link target protein expression and the expression of a selectable marker on the protein level have three main weaknesses: proof of concept only at the end, heterogeneous expression, and time-consuming single cell cloning and characterisation.

The ExoIN approach solves these problems by linking the selection marker with the target protein expression on the protein translation level. Efficient co-translational cleavage at the ribosome then yields the desired unmodified free proteins in a 1-to-1 stoichiometry. As a result, once selected, all cells in the selected pool homogeneously express the target protein within three days.

Inducible protein expression

Four common weaknesses of conventional inducible protein expression systems are leakiness, heterogeneous induction time, heterogeneous protein expression, and limited tune-ability. ExoINDUCE solves these problems

HSV TK mediated counter selection eliminates leakiness; effective positive selection guarantees rapid induction and homogenous expression; and titrating the inducer conveniently fine tunes the protein expression. In this way we can guarantee highly effective inducible target protein expression in every mammalian cell line.