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Pipeline Biotech Offers Fast and Reliable PK Screening Programmes

Rational drug discovery requires an early appraisal of all factors impacting on the likely drug-ability of a new chemical entity (NCE) in the subsequent preclinical, clinical and commercial phases of drug development.

Since 39% of all NCEs fail on poor PK properties, pharmacokinetics has become an integrated part of the drug discovery screening process. Early in vivo PK studies in rodents provide unequivocal evidence of drug exposure.

NCE selection and de-selection

The emergence of combinatorial chemistry and the continued accumulation of a vast amount of NCEs have led to a need for fast and reliable PK screening methods to select compounds of interest and, maybe even more importantly, to de-select compounds that show low bioavailability and non-linear kinetics. Pipeline Biotech understands this need within drug discovery for rapid PK screening programmes that allow our sponsors to evaluate the drug-ability of NCEs almost as rapidly as they are being synthesised.

In order to fulfil the needs for rapid PK data we work with PK screening as a process, and have developed standardised assay protocols that will deliver the data quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Our system of standardised assays and protocols are very similar to GMP assay processes and result in rapid throughput with fixed weekly deadlines. Our standardised screening processes improve reproducibility and traceability and secure timely sample delivery – every time. This allows our sponsors to plan their own screening efforts accurately and efficiently.

14-day screening process

Our 14-day screening process is chosen by sponsors that have an on/off need for rapid in-life dosing and sampling. This process allows for a flexible ordering of studies whenever there are compounds ready for screening.

Seven-day screening process

Our seven-day screening process is chosen by sponsors that have a need for steady state delivery of samples.

The seven day process is the process of choice for sponsors with a vast amount of NCEs emerging from their synthetic laboratories. The process is fixed under contractual terms and weekly delivery of samples takes place systematically.

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