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Quanticate Selects Oracle Argus Safety for Pharmacovigilance Database

10th November 2010

During an interview with eCliniqua magazine, Alison Bond, Quanticate’s new head of pharmacovigilance, said: “The key to pharmacovigilance is the collection of high-quality, accurate data. It’s about collating reports of adverse events during clinical trials and post-marketing, as well as looking at the way that data are managed, analysed and evaluated.”

While a third-party pharmacovigilance database might not be essential for some clients, it is almost always required when dealing with large volumes of data. Quanticate’s selection came down to three of the leading validated databases but in the end Oracle has edged the other two providers.

“The web-based user interface will allow instant and continuous access by any Quanticate team member, whatever their location, in addition to being able to offer customers immediate access to their safety data,” said Bond. “There is also the potential for future growth with the use of other applications in the Oracle Argus Safety suite of drug safety and risk management solutions.”

Bond also said she sees synergies between Oracle Argus Safety and Oracle Clinical, the clinical data management system.

Bond started working on pharmacovigilance ten years ago while working at Parexel, where she managed the set-up of pharmacovigilance systems for various pharma and biotech clients. She then worked as an independent consultant before joining Quanticate in January 2010.

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