Euro Diagnostica Group of Companies Announces Corporate Rebranding

7th September 2018

The Euro Diagnostica group of companies has announced a corporate rebrand to Svar Life Science.

The companies that were formerly known as Euro Diagnostica and Wieslab are now operational as ‘Svar Life Science’ and ‘Wieslab, a Svar Life Science company’.

The rebranding consists of a new corporate brand structure, a new slogan and a new focus for the group.

As a global supplier and partner within drug discovery and clinical diagnostics, the Svar Life Science group of companies has more than 30 years of experience serving the life science market with products and laboratory services aimed to help customers move forward in the drug development process. The group will continue to find and harness the optimal solutions through mergers, acquisitions, in-house innovation, industry collaboration and knowledge exchange and the adoption of a new brand signifies new beginnings.

In Swedish, Svar means ‘answers’, and the brand reflects the evolution of the company, the vision for the future and a strong Scandinavian heritage, as well as the reliability, quality, expertise, responsiveness and focus on people attributes associated with it.

With this corporate rebranding, the Svar Life Science group of companies is strengthening its focus on delivering a full suite of products and services to life science companies, which is reflected in the new tagline: ‘Answers in Life Science.’

CEO of Svar Life Science Ron Long said: “This rebrand represents a significant step in the company’s evolution and forms a part of our strategy of focusing our product portfolio and core technologies to deliver high-quality solutions, the best analytical technologies and platforms for drug development, clinical research and routine diagnosis – answering to the needs in drug discovery and clinical diagnostics today.”

About Svar Life Science

Svar Life Science is a Swedish life science company that invents, develops and applies the best analytical technologies for drug development and clinical research, and establishes practical platforms for routine

diagnosis. It has been working right across the clinical diagnostic value chain for more than 30 years.

Svar is your partner for researching diagnostic strategies for personalised medicine and developing companion diagnostics based on assays customised for you. Once the assays are established, you can use us for dedicated testing in early discovery, preclinical and clinical phases.

The company’s special competence areas are autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease and cancer.

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