dabl provides the most advanced online system and services for the monitoring and collection of Ambulatory Blood Pressure (ABPM) data in clinical Trials.

The unique service includes:

  • Immediate validation of all data uploaded to the system enabling clean data for analysis in real-time.
  • Expert advice on protocol development and Study requirements for Phase I-IV global clinical trials.
  • Full logistics services for the supply and support of all equipment
  • Minimal training required resulting in a rapid deployment of the system to global sites.
  • High level of intelligence and smart tools built into the system to assist users and mitigate errors.
  • Detailed reports providing Management with real-time performance metrics on all sites/users.
  • Full Statistical service provided, if required.
  • Highly secure, reliable and cost-effective system and service.

Who are we?

Based in Dublin, Ireland, our systems, and services are designed for multi-site global clinical trials where cardiac safety and ambulatory blood pressure endpoints are critical to the study protocol. We deliver more than 20 years of knowledge and proven experience in all aspects of ABPM monitoring for healthcare management and clinical trials.

The dabl clinical trials management system (CTMS) has been developed using direct data capture technologies to provide high-quality evaluable blood pressure data in real-time to investigators and sponsors of a range of studies. These include trials in hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidaemia and hypoglycaemia, obesity treatment, Parkinson’s disease, and other therapy areas.

dabl provides ABPM systems and support services for multi-site clinical trials.
All our systems are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal training.
dabl’s CTMS aims to provide high-quality blood pressure data for trials in a wide range of indications.

To accurately monitor the effects of drug therapies or therapeutic procedures such as renal denervation on blood pressure, dabl provides support for all stages of Phase I to IV clinical trials, from protocol development advice through to statistical analysis of results.

Click here to watch our company video, which outlines our service offering in detail.

What makes us unique?

Each system and database provided is specifically configured according to the study protocol requirements. This provides the immediate validation of all data uploaded or entered into the system and enable the potential to achieve 100% evaluable study data in real-time.

Smart tools and systems to avoid the loss of data or subjects to a study.

The dabl system is the only clinical trial system that directly links to a range of blood pressure devices making it  highly efficient and cost-effective, while providing real-time management reports on performance metrics for all aspects of data collection and quality performance through the use of smart tools and systems which have been consistently proven to maximise Subject Retention rates.