There is increasing demand in the pharmaceutical industry, in medical practice and by regulatory authorities to use new data, such as genetics, to identify patients who are likely to respond to treatment. Indeed, there has been some success with the clinical application of pharmacogenetics (PGx). However, there are many examples where PGx has not been successful. In addition, a PGx experiment can be costly and can lead to significant delays to clinical development plans. Therefore, it is worthwhile trying to apply PGx in the right setting by finding the right opportunities and understanding the likely chance of success before embarking on costly experiments.

Exploristics has implemented analysis tools that can help identify opportunities for PGx, understand the chance of success and enable the integration of genetics into clinical development. These tools can be applied at a study or portfolio level and enable a cost-effective, informed and pragmatic approach to the use of genetics and other predictors. These tools are described in Exploristics’ technical paper.

To download this technical paper click on the ‘Pharmacogenetics technical paper’ link on Exploristics’ profile.